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28 Ways to Bring Greater Harmony, Wisdom and Love Into Your Relationships

HJ: Harmony in relationships, like harmony in any area of our life, is all about balance.  We may be either overly intellectual or overly emotional and therefore struggle with being too distant or…


Nine Ways Meditation Will Improve Your Relationships

HJ: Meditation does much more than simply calm the mind — it also radically improves our relationships, with friends, family, coworkers, lovers and even strangers.  As within, so without… Meditation shifts, heals and…


The 10 Keys to a Happy, Healthy Relationship

HJ:  The quality of our relationships is a defining factor in the quality of our life.  Healthy relationships are a cornerstone of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and help us feel connected to the…


How to Deal With Difficult People in an Enlightened Way

HJ: One of the most challenging issues for people on the spiritual path is how to deal with difficult people in an enlightened way. We have a tendency to be passive aggressive in…


Why Are We So Driven to Bond With Each Other? Bruce Lipton Weighs In

HJ: The drive to bond is a fundamental characteristic of human existence.  It is such an innate drive that it can be likened to those survival instincts that are essential to our daily…


Cleanse Your Body and Mind of Toxic Thoughts and People

HJ: With major portal dates on the horizon, now is a better time than ever to cut those habits and people from our lives which no longer serve our highest good.  This can…

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