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Dream Psychology: Awakening Your Inner Vision

HJ: In the dream state, our minds are freed from the everyday limits of waking consciousness.  Dreams are intensely therapeutic and can offer us deep insight into the nature of our own being…


Mastering Your Mind: Understanding the Difference Between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

HJ: There is great confusion over the conscious and subconscious mind — where does one end and the other begin? Is there a clear boundary? Which has more influence on our lives? Are…


Mind Over Food: Your Brain and How it Determines Your Health Far More Than the Foods You Eat

HJ: Mainstream health advocates as well as the holistic healing community are missing a big part of the picture when it comes to physical health.  We have been lead to believe that health…


Yoga For the Mind: How Mental Flexibility Can Help You Find Greater Happiness

HJ: If you are at all interested in finding greater happiness and freedom in life, then you would be wise to stay ‘psychologically flexible’, as it is referred to in the article below….


Neuroplasticity Researcher Explains How to Rewire Your Brain (Video)

Change Your Mind: Change Your Brain Talk given by Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz Leading neuroplasticity researcher and coauthor of the just released You Are Not Your Brain and the groundbreaking books Brain Lock…

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Are Our Minds Confined to Our Brains?

Are Minds Confined to Brains? By Rupert Sheldrake | Reality Sandwich — The following is reprinted from the book Science Set Free by Rupert Sheldrake. Copyright © 2012 by Rupert Sheldrake. Published by Crown Archetype/ Deepak Chopra…

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