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How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs that Are Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Efforts to Grow and Change

HJ: More than anything else, it is our limiting beliefs, operating just outside of our conscious awareness, that hold us back in life.  Our conscious stream of thoughts and emotions can be used…


How to Break Through Your Inner Limitations and Realize Your Full Potential

HJ: You are the only one keeping yourself from realizing your full potential.  As soon as you wish to transcend your limitations, you can do so.  It really is as simple as that….

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Archangel Gabriel: The 12:12 Alignment

Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel December 4, 2011 www.TheGabrielMessages.com Dear Ones, The 12:12 Alignment on December 12, 2011 will bring the full force of the Angelic Dimensions into assistance. From this realm there is…

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