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21 Ways to Release Negative Thoughts and Emotions and Love Yourself More Deeply

HJ: You are love, therefore it’s not about learning to love yourself, it’s about removing everything that’s getting in the way of you tapping back into your essence, which is all the negative…


How to Transform Negative Thoughts into Fuel for Your Growth and Success

HJ: Nothing is inherently good or bad—it’s what you make of it that determines how it affects you. Succumbing to negative thoughts makes them negative, but using them to accelerate your growth makes…


How to Stay Positive, Even in the Face of Overwhelming Negativity

HJ: We all face negativity in our lives at some point — it’s a given. But how we chose to handle and react to it can either bolster us to new heights or…

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How to Stay Positive and Happy in a World Filled With Negativity and Bad News

HJ: Whether we see happiness, positivity and joy or negativity, struggle and pain is a choice we make moment by moment by what we choose to focus on in our lives. Let me…

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