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“Disclosure Petition II – Rockefeller Initiative” is Now Active on the White House Website

By  Stephen Bassett www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Press_Releases/Press_releases.html December 1, 2011 Washington, DC – On September 22, 2011 Paradigm Research Group (PRG) submitted a petition to the White House sponsored initiative “We the People.” Thousands of petitions have…

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PRG Mounts Second Disclosure Petition Dec. 1, 2011

PRG Update – November 20, 2011 Disclosure Petition II www.disclosurepetition.info On December 1, 2011 the second Disclosure Petition will be submitted to the White House’s We the People initiative.  Under the new rules…

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White House May Have Upped Lower Limit on Disclosure Petition to 25,000

By Steve Beckow http://stevebeckow.com/2011/10/white-house-ups-lower-limit-on-disclosure-petition-to-25000/ Andre believes that the raised threshold only applies to petitions created after Oct. 3. I quote him: “I think you made a mistake about posting the update about the…

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