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Breaking Free of the Illusion of Time: How to Access Your Multidimensional Potential

HJ: Today, we’re going to talk about advanced metaphysical concepts.  Time, how we typically perceive it, is an illusion in the sense that is not linear, meaning that events do not happen sequentially,…


Understanding Synchronicity: 6 Tips For Learning How to Recognize When the Universe is Sending You a Message

HJ: When you really begin to ponder the incredible amount of alignment that needs to take place in order for a synchronicity to occur, it becomes undeniable that there are some larger forces…


Understanding How We Create the Future From Our Multidimensional Self

HJ:  Contrary to popular belief, time is not linear.  It is multidimensional, meaning, in part, that both the past and the future exist simultaneously in the present moment and are affected by what…

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