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How to Quickly and Easily Create New, Life-Changing Habits

HJ: The power of habits is immense.  The things we practice regularly are the things we master and the things that propel our lives forward with incredible speed and power.  There are few…


How to Stay Positive, Even in the Face of Overwhelming Negativity

HJ: We all face negativity in our lives at some point — it’s a given. But how we chose to handle and react to it can either bolster us to new heights or…


12 Things to Remind Yourself of When You Wake Up That Will Supercharge Your Day for Success and Joy

HJ: The moment when you first open your eyes everyday is a point of power.  You still have a direct line into your subconscious mind that is not usually available during other times…


Creating Abundance is Your Birthright: How to Free Yourself From The Belief in Scarcity and Competition

HJ: Creating abundance is your sacred birthright.  Scarcity and competition do not actually exist in nature, we have simply projected our perceptions and ideas on to the natural world and assumed we are…


How Gratitude Can Help You Sail Through Hard Times

HJ: Practicing gratitude honestly will reframe seemingly negative situations or challenges into opportunities for growth and greater awareness of the self.  It really is all about perspective.  We can choose to view a…

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