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15 Health Secrets of the Worlds Longest Lived People

HJ: If you want to know how to be healthy, why not study the worlds longest lived people? Surely they have something figured out… – Truth 15 Secrets Around the World About Health…

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Slow Down, Live Longer: How Your State of Mind and Emotions Affect Your Health

HJ: More than any other factors our mind and emotions affect our health.  With a strong enough conviction and level of belief, the mind can even overcome the needs of the physical body….


How to Eat for Health and Longevity: A Taoist Guide to Diet and Nutrition

HJ: With all the conflicting information about diet we get nowadays, it can leave one confused as to what steps to take in order to be as healthy as possible.  The problem with…


Sugar, Inflammation and Longevity

HJ: Sugar, as mentioned in the article below, is responsible for a myriad of diseases in modern society.  Although not mentioned here, sugar is also highly implicated in Candida, a pathogenic fungal infection…

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The Three Part Process to Radiant Health and Long Life

http://www.naturalnews.com/035669_radiant_health_longevity_healing.html The three part process to radiant health and long life by Angelo Druda (NaturalNews) The human body possesses a powerful healing and regenerative chemistry. Examples of sudden and extraordinary healing – so…

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