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How to Quickly and Easily Create New, Life-Changing Habits

HJ: The power of habits is immense.  The things we practice regularly are the things we master and the things that propel our lives forward with incredible speed and power.  There are few…


10 Simple but Powerful Habits That Will Create Greater Happiness and Joy in Your Life

HJ: It’s the little choices we make everyday that have the biggest influence on our happiness and joy.  We like to think it’s the big shifts that change everything, and they certainly can,…


How to Quickly Break Your Bad Habits

HJ: Every time you do something you reinforce that pattern in your brain and overtime create habits.  If the habit triggers some kind of neurochemical release, it gets further cemented into your brain,…


10 Simple, But Powerful Habits That Will Take Your Health to the Next Level

HJ: So you’ve stopped eating processed food, switched to organics, cut out GMO’s and you’re feeling pretty good.  But now what?  These 10 simple, but powerful health habits will help you take your…


The Transformational Power of Habits: How to Use Them to Rapidly Change Your Life

HJ: Habits can be massively powerful tools for personal transformation and rapid growth.  By making something a regular part of your life — devoting a set amount of time to it on a…


8 Common Habits You Need to Change If You Want To Be Happy

HJ: One of the most interesting aspects of the human mind is that, without a conscious effort otherwise, it typically falls victim to its own thoughts and patterns.  It is not until someone…

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