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How to Harness Eclipse Energies for Accelerated Emotional Healing and Freedom

HJ: Eclipses are like cosmic amplifiers — they amplify energy, intention, thought, emotion, vibration and manifestation.  If you maintain a vibration of gratitude, this will be amplified substantially and if you choose to…


Understanding the Power of Gratitude

HJ: When I recount the most transformative experiences of my life, learning to truly practice gratitude day in and day out is consistently at the top of the list.  The fact is, this…

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Archangel Gabriel: Living Life in Thanksgiving

Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel www.thegabrielmessages.com Tuesday, 22 November, 2011  (posted 24 November, 2011) Gratitude is an attitude that can profoundly change your consciousness. When you live your life in thanksgiving, it can…

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