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A Complete Guide to the Spiritual and Alchemical Properties of Everyday Foods and Herbs

HJ: It is articles like these that capture much of the lost wisdom from the ancient sages and bridge modern scientific understandings with sacred spiritual knowledge.  This is a powerful, interesting and thought-provoking…


The Top 36 Foods For Detoxing Your Body

HJ: As Hippocrates famously said, “Let thy food be thy medicine” — and what easier way to do that than by incorporating the top 36 foods for detoxing your body into your diet…


10 Simple, But Powerful Habits That Will Take Your Health to the Next Level

HJ: So you’ve stopped eating processed food, switched to organics, cut out GMO’s and you’re feeling pretty good.  But now what?  These 10 simple, but powerful health habits will help you take your…

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Learning to Listen To Your Body: What Food Cravings Are Really Trying to Tell You

HJ: While you might not know the specific nutrient makeup of the foods you eat, your body absolutely does.  Beyond speaking to the incredible, innate intelligence of our cells and physical being, this…


Living in Balance: Why You Need Bitter Herbs and Foods for Radiant Health

HJ: One of the most neglected concepts in Western health and nutritional theory is that of balance.  Chinese medicine, on the other hand, heavily emphasizes balance when it comes to diet and strives…


How Coconut Oil Can Help You Reach Your Health Goals

HJ: Coconut oil is much more than just a basic cooking oil — it is a powerful medicine that has the potential to help you transform your health when used regularly. Some see…

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