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How Fasting Supercharges Your Brain

HJ: Fasting has remarkable effects on the brain.  Beyond this, fasting also has profound effects on the body and spirit — in every sense, a true tonic for the mind body spirit triad….


The Powerful, Rejuvenative Effects of Fasting on the Brain, Nervous and Endocrine Systems: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

HJ: Fasting is truly a miraculous endeavor that has the power to heal nearly any disease, illness or imbalance in the body and mind.  The thing with fasting is that the results truly…

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Cosmic Awareness Guide to Fasting: Rapidly Cleanse and Heal the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff http://www.cosmicawareness.org Cosmic Awareness outlines a simple but powerful fasting protocol and explains the science and theory behind this ancient method of healing via the body’s innate wisdom.  Fasting…


The Health Benefits of Fasting

Will Carroll http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/exchange/node/1834 There has been much contention in the scientific field about whether or not fasting is beneficial to one’s health. Fasting is an integral part of many of the major religions…

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