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Carl Calleman: The Future is Not Cut in Stone

By Carl Calleman www.calleman.com Response to the article Back to the Future by Serena Redfeather/Transitions (https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=15X_p4BCi9qNtE7rj3SIrdOAskPbbNaX…) Serena Redfeather/Transitions (SRT) has raised a series of critical points against my work with the Mayan calendar…

Yemen President Steps Down From Power After 33 Years

Yemen president quits after deal in Saudi Arabia Agreement for immediate transfer of power pledges immunity for Ali Abdullah Saleh and family. Tom Finn in Sana’a guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 23 November 2011 11.51 EST Marchers protest…

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Ben Fulford: The Lawsuit that Could End the Gangster Rule of Western Civilization

The lawsuit that could end the gangster rule of Western civilization Benjamin Fulford, November 24th, 2011 http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/ A lawsuit was filed today (November 23rd US time) that could end the secret government that has…

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Carl Calleman: The Completion of the Mayan Calendar

By Carl Johan Calleman November 8, 2011 http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/MayanCalendar_has_come_to_End.htm The Mayan calendar has come to an end. This means that the universe has attained its highest possible quantum state as of October 28, 2011….

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Arcturians: The Suffering of Humankind Must End

Arcturians via Ute http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com/2011/10/message-from-arcturians-6-love-heals.html Dear Ones, We are the Arcturians! As you know we are called the healers and  guardians of humanity.  We serve you with great love and know much about the…

Denise Le Fay: Navigating the End of the Mayan Calendar/Expiration Date

Denise Le Fay, 10-14-11, Transitions http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/navigating-the-end-of-the-mayan-calendarexpiration-date/ When I go quiet for a while and don’t write anything at TRANSITIONS, it’s always because I’ve been soul-deep in BIG changes once again. We all have…

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Carl Calleman: What Will the End of the Mayan Calendar Mean?

http://www.maya-portal.net/blog/carl-calleman/what-will-end-mayan-calendar-mean For some time there has been a discussion as to what is the true end date of the Mayan calendar, October 28, 2011 or December 21, 2012, and somewhat paradoxically this has…

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Carl Calleman: The “End” of the Mayan calendar, Solar Flares and Earth Changes

By Carl Calleman We have now celebrated the Cosmic Convergence and there is less than one night and one day before the fulfillment of the evolutionary plan for all of creation (or at…

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