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How to Activate Oxytocin in Your Body: The Bliss and Bonding Hormone

HJ: The body releases Oxytocin in response to deep, pleasurable, connection experiences and so learning to activate Oxytocin generally creates positive patterns in your life.  Plus it just feels damn good.  Oxytocin is…


The 10 Keys to a Happy, Healthy Relationship

HJ:  The quality of our relationships is a defining factor in the quality of our life.  Healthy relationships are a cornerstone of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and help us feel connected to the…


Are You Highly Sensitive and Aware? Try These Tools To Help Empathic Individuals Stay Centered and Balanced

HJ: Oh the joys of being an empath… I mean that both literally and somewhat sarcastically.  We are at once highly in tune with our environments and can read energies and people like…

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