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Mind Over Food: Your Brain and How it Determines Your Health Far More Than the Foods You Eat

HJ: Mainstream health advocates as well as the holistic healing community are missing a big part of the picture when it comes to physical health.  We have been lead to believe that health…


The Secret Key to Health That No One Ever Talks About

HJ: Having studied nutrition, health and healing for years and in the process trying just about every single ‘alternative diet’ under the sun in search of true health and happiness, I can speak…


Love What You Eat: How Your Beliefs About Food Majorly Affect Your Health

HJ: There are few things more supremely powerful in our lives than our thoughts. Spiritual masters have known it for millennia and research into quantum physics and consciousness is confirming it beyond a…


6 Simple Ways to Keep Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) Out of Your Diet

HJ: Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) are at best highly controversial and at worst cause cancer, brain damage and severely alter your body’s natural functioning.  It’s easy to get lost in all the semantics of…


What You Need to Know About Superfoods From the Sea

HJ: Perhaps more than any other food on earth, seaweeds are an incredible source of hard to get minerals, which are alarmingly lacking in todays foods due to over farming and under replenishment of soils….


How to Nourish Your Brain and Enhance its Function With Whole Foods

HJ: The beauty of a healthy, whole food, well-rounded diet is that it accomplishes many tasks in one fell swoop.  It provides a solid foundation on which health can be built.  Then, if…

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The 8 Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs Daily For Optimal Health (and How to Get Them From Food)

HJ: There is a common misconception that we are able to easily meet our nutritional needs from whatever foods we are eating on a daily basis.  While this is possible, it requires a…


Holistic Nutritionist Lays Out Her Top 10 Food Rules For Radiant Health

HJ: Opinions and beliefs about health are increasingly becoming like beliefs about politics and religion — highly charged and vehement.  Ultimately, this serves no one as even the most extreme diets are based…


5 Powerful Herbs and Foods for Healing Your Digestive Tract

5 Powerful Herbs and Foods for Healing Your Digestive Tract By Jay Truth | The Healers Journal — In the Ancient Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda, digestion is considered the foundation…


How to Eat Organic for Less Money Than You Ever Thought Possible

HJ: Eating Organic can be done relatively cheaply while still maintaining a very high level of food quality and purity.  Below I will offer a few tips to augment the advice listed in…

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