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How to Get Over the Fear of Death So You Can Live More Fully

HJ: In one way or another, almost all fears we have relate back to the fear of death.  On the surface it may not seem so but when you keep digging further and…


Quantum Physics Finally Proves That Life After Death is Real

HJ: The concept of life after death has been a mainstay of most spiritual traditions worldwide for millennia  only recently coming under fire in Western societies as a result of the dominance of the materialist/scientific…


The Key to Understanding Death and Dying: A Shamanic Perspective

HJ: The interesting thing about the shamanic perspective on death and dying is that not only does it help us understand and prepare for it, but it also helps us live a fuller,…


New Study Shows Eastern Philosophy Eases Death Anxiety

Eastern Philosophy Eases Death Anxiety New research finds East Asians are more likely than Westerners to react to reminders of their mortality with a renewed commitment to enjoy life. By Tom Jacobs | Pacific Standard…

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Archangel Azriel: The Illusion of Death and Dying

Archangel Azriel via Karen Doonan www.crystalline-sanctuary.com I am Archangel Azriel and I come through our channel at this time to help those who have found themselves in the illusion of death. Many who…

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