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How to Transform any Frustration or Challenge Into a Powerful State of Gratitude

HJ: Life is always trying to move us squarely towards what we want and need and challenges are an integral part of that journey.  And, in fact, when we transform how we see and…

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The Obstacle is the Way: How to Turn Adversity Into Your Biggest Opportunity for Growth

HJ: When most people encounter an obstacle, they feel like they have made a mistake or gone down the wrong path.  The truth is, that it’s exactly what they needed for maximum self growth….

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DL Zeta: Expanding Into the Greatness of Your Being

http://www.celestialvision.org 27 October 2011 Channeler: DL Zeta Whenever you find yourself struggling, overwhelmed, and suffering, this is the time to become still within and expand your vision for what is possible. When you…

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