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5 Powerful Ways to Find Beauty, Inspiration and Peace in Challenging Moments

HJ: Life will inevitably get challenging, however, you can transcend that experience and slip back into a place of beauty, inspiration and peace.  This wonderful, wise article from Marc Chernoff is all about…

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Deep Sufi Wisdom to Help You Navigate Life’s Difficult Moments

HJ: What can the always wise and profound philosophy of Sufism teach us about handling life’s ups and downs?  Spiritual teacher and author Stewart Bitkoff reminds us that it’s not about resistance —…


8 Ways to Transform Challenges into Opportunities for Self Growth

HJ: People react to challenges in two ways: as an excuse to give up or an opportunity to grow and evolve.  In fact, how we react to challenges is the single biggest factor…


Embracing Your Life Journey: How to Overcome Common Challenges on the Path Toward Your Highest Fulfillment

HJ: In the course of the consciousness research I do, I invariably come across major websites, coaches and ‘thought leaders’ recommending that there is no such thing as a life purpose or life…

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