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How to Bring Your Mind, Body and Spirit into Balance and Harmony Using the Power of Mindfulness

HJ: He who controls the mind is a master of his world.  Thoughts come and go like the wind and are naught but reflections of deeper levels of the self… our beliefs and…


Bring Your Life Into Harmony: 7 Ways to Balance Your Yin and Yang Energies

HJ: Life is about balance.  The atom, which is the fundamental building block of all matter always strives towards balance of positive (proton) and negative (electron) charges.  If it cannot maintain balance within…

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Sanat Kumara: Perfect Time for Reflection

Sanat Kumara via Julie Miller December 31, 2011 Dear hearts we are back once again through this dear child on the final day of 2011. The year like anything else that has involved your…

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Archangel Gabriel: Stay in the Flow Through Balance & Surrender

  Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young trinityesoterics.wordpress.com Greetings, Dear Ones, as always we are pleased and honored to be in your presence today. We wish to speak to you today on the importance…

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