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Ascension Symptoms or Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies? Comprehensive List

Healers Journal Commentary: In the New Age/Lightworker/Starseed/Ascension community, it is very common to hear people writing off mental and physical symptoms simply as generalized “ascension symptoms”. ¬†However, I believe this to be very…

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Archangel Gabriel: You Move Forward in the Most Remarkable Ways

Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young http://www.trinityesoterics.wordpress.com Greetings Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. Such exciting times you are experiencing on your planet right now. We…

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High Council of Orion: Ascension Symptoms

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan Dear ones we come to help guide and support you at this time of the new unfolding and the old retreating. Many of YOU are now…

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