Gregg Braden – 2012: Peril or Promise? The Real Truth About The Future Of The World

By Gregg Braden | Heal Your Life — Only five generations in the last 26,000 years have experienced the shift of world ages. We will be the sixth. We’re living the end of time. Not…


The Illuminati Illusion is Dissolving in Disarray

By Alcuin Bramerton | Alcuin and Flutterby — The illusion is getting smaller. It has been perceived worldwide. Now only the insane can miss it. Thirteen millennia of élite-led disinformation and financial fraud…

The Mysterious and Enigmatic Great Cross of Hendaye

Great Cross of Hendaye From — Space is a dangerous place. Witness the number of crater hits on the many hard-surfaced planets in our solar system. Through telescopes, NASA cameras, or even…


Choosing and Using Crystals For Energetic Healing

Improving health and well-being with crystals by Alex Malinsky aka RawGuru | Natural News — (NaturalNews) “Good vibrations” is a phrase that has long pervaded popular culture, but do you know what this…


How to Take Your Dreaming to the Next Level

Dreamscape Awakening By Osirian Dawn | Reality Sandwich — We sleep for one third of our lives, and as such, we should make the most out of the mind’s nightly journey into our personal dreamscapes….

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DNA Activation: The Secret to Health and Enlightenment

DNA Activation: The Secret to Health and Enlightenment By Pao L. Chang, Guest Writer — It has been over a century since DNA was discovered and yet scientists still have not understood the true…


What Near Death Experiences Tell Us About Our Consciousness

Opening the Conversation About NDE: Dr. Eben Alexander & the Question of Consciousness By David Metcalfe | Reality Sandwich — The following originally appeared on The Eyeless Owl. There is a slow shift in our cultural…


DL Zeta: Awakening ‘Dreamwalkers’ Illuminate a Future Based in Love and Compassion

Awakening ‘Dreamwalkers’ Illuminate a Future Based in Love and Compassion By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision — As we move further into the new time, many souls incarnated into this timeframe are receiving…


How to Open Your Third Eye and Awaken Your Pineal Gland: Two Simple Practices

By Lapis Links | Conscious Life News — Note: Original article edited for formatting and clarity AWAKENING I Please read all of the following. If you wish to perform this exercise, you need to understand what you…


Cosmic Awareness: The Montauk Project, Timelines, and ‘Original Sin’

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | — QUESTIONER: You’re welcome, thank you so much. We are still on the Montauk. There are a series of questions, again from LK. He writes, “I’m going…

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