11 Ancient Ayurvedic Guidelines on How to Eat For Radiant Health and Wellbeing

HJ: Long before modern nutritional science emerged in the West, ancient systems of medicine like Ayurveda had developed highly evolved and profound systems of medicine that provided a complete lifestyle geared towards health, healing and…


3 Ancient Breathing Techniques for a Deeper Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

HJ: You can go months without food, days without water, and only minutes without breath, for breath is the foundation of life on this planet.  More than any other vitamin or nutrient, oxygen, which…


How to Choose the Best Form of Exercise For Your Unique Body Type

HJ:  We all have unique dietary needs, so it follows that we all have unique exercise needs as well.  Ayurveda has long recognized our unique body type (also known as our Dosha, or…


8 Powerful Techniques For Transforming Your Health With Your Breath

By Truth | The Healers Journal How would you like to live a more peaceful, calm, happy and balanced life?  What if I told you that in order to achieve this, all you…

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