September 2015
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3 Powerful Juice Recipes for Healing Depression and Uplifting Your Mood

HJ: Our mood is closely tied to the health of our physical body and the health of our mind.  Juice is a powerful way to cleanse and nourish the body at deep levels,…


How to Break Free of the Limits of Your Comfort Zone and Start Living the Life You Were Born to Live

HJ: One of the only things standing between where you are and where you want to be is your comfort zone. Breakthrough that and you can literally be, do and have anything you can…


How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

HJ: Almost all fear is not actual fear, it is the fear of unpleasant emotions. Without an emotional reaction it is just a thought and thoughts without emotions hold little to no sway over…


4 Powerful Questions That Will Positively Shift Your Attitude and Outlook on Life

HJ: Questions have the power to short circuit our normal way of thinking and often lead to insights that allows us to break free of unconscious, self-imposed limits and barriers that keep us…


How to Find Your ‘Why’ and Discover Your Life Purpose

HJ: Purpose is the key that unlocks your destiny.  It is why your soul chose to incarnate once again, to fulfill a purpose, to learn a lesson essential for your overall growth of consciousness…


How to Slip Into the Expanded Awareness of Flow States

HJ: Flow states are magical moments of expanded awareness where we reconnect with our truest self and the pure creativity that is our essence.  And best part is you can train yourself to…


How to Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs That Are Crippling Your Happiness and Success

HJ: Removing and reprogramming limiting beliefs is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to shift your reality and your consciousness. That’s because limiting beliefs control how we perceive the world, what…


How to Use the Powerful Violet Flame Energies for Deep Healing and Rejuvenation of the Mind and Body

HJ: Results always speak loudest. I invite you try the technique outlined by Ian below and experience for yourself just how powerful the violet flame energies can be.  And remember, practice makes perfect….


The Road to Enlightenment: How to Find Compassion For Others in Difficult Situations

HJ: To develop condition-less compassion for others is a fast path to enlightenment. Compassion overlaps greatly with gratitude as well producing a number of beneficial effects on the mind-body-spirit triad and generally improving…


How to Evolve Your Consciousness: A Complete Guide to How Your Mind, Body and Spirit Evolve and Develop Over the Course of Your Lifetime

HJ: If you want to understand who you are and why your life is like it is at a much deeper level than you ever thought possible, this article is for you. The…

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