March 2014

Tuning Into Your Heart: A Simple Meditation to Connect With Your Intuition

HJ: Your heart speaks loudest when your mind is quiet.  Meditation, at its essence is a centering practice to quiet the mind which naturally reveals to us our own inner wisdom.  While it’s…


How to Create More Love, Happiness and Abundance in Your Life Than You Ever Thought Possible

HJ: With the rise of ‘spiritually oriented marketing’ these days, we hear big promises like these all the time and about 90% of them majorly fail to deliver.  It’s not because the people…


How the Sun’s Activity Affects Our Consciousness

HJ: There is no separation between our consciousness and the sun.  The two are inextricably linked, a fact which ancient societies understood quite well… After all, our entire sleep wake cycle is dictated…


How to Find and Stay in the Flow

HJ: When we learn to go with the flow, life becomes effortless.  What you need comes into your life at the perfect timing, not a moment sooner or later.  However, the caveat is…


The Art of Letting Go: 5 Steps to Permanently Release Whatever is Holding You Back

HJ: Until we consciously decide to begin letting go, we are unconsciously attached to every experience we’ve had in life, good, bad and everything in between.  In Zen philosophy, the middle path, the…

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Why It’s So Hard to Find Your Passion (and What You Can Do to Discover It)

HJ: Passion, life purpose, meaning… whatever you want to call it, it can be tricky to find if you don’t know how to properly recognize the signs your heart and the universe are…


Everything is Connected: How to Experience The Deep Relationship We All Share

HJ: As we grow and evolve spiritually, we move from separateness to oneness — we realize that separation is an illusion and truly everything is connected at a fundamental level.   As we…


5 Unexpected Side Effects of Kindness and Helping Others

HJ: What we do for others, we also do for ourselves.  Kindness, therefore, helps both the giver and the receiver.  This is because our brains are wired to positively respond to positive acts….


Do You Listen When Your Heart Speaks? 8 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

HJ: Your heart never stops communicating its wisdom to you, but are you listening?  The voice of our heart is loud, but the voice of our thoughts is louder and  often times drowns…


How to Tap Into Deep Inner Happiness

HJ: True inner happiness is something that cannot be disturbed by anyone or anything… and it’s closer and easier to achieve than you think.  In every sense, all you need to do is…

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