May 2013

Why Are We So Driven to Bond With Each Other? Bruce Lipton Weighs In

HJ: The drive to bond is a fundamental characteristic of human existence.  It is such an innate drive that it can be likened to those survival instincts that are essential to our daily…


Deepak Chopra on How to Create a Life of True Fulfillment

HJ: It’s something we all want in life — greater fulfillment… a feeling of purpose, clarity, happiness and meaning.  You can truly have it all, but you better be prepared to get very…


The Metaphysics of Money: How Your Mind and Spirit Control the Flow of Wealth in Your Life

HJ: Money is one of the big three — the other two being sex and religion — which engender the fiercest and most distorted reactions out of any subjects in the realm of human experience….


A Guide to The Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry

HJ: Even a basic understanding of the science of sacred geometry can take us a long way in developing a deeper connection with the world around us.  Suddenly, you can see the basic…


How to Use the Eclipse Energies to Grow and Improve Your Life

HJ: You don’t have to be particularly sensitive to notice the amplified energies that occur around eclipses.  These relatively rare celestial alignments offer unique opportunities for spiritually aware individuals to harness their energies for accelerated personal…


How Failure Makes You a Winner: The One Quality That All Achievers Have in Common

HJ: Failure is a strong word.  It implies that something did not go as planned — that in some way it was wrong, or even a mistake.  However, this is only one aspect…


How to Tune Into the Messages of Your Higher Self

HJ:  You are unlimited — this is one of the main messages our higher self is constantly sending us, but that we have learned to ignore.  As children we believed it wholeheartedly, but as…


The Hidden Metaphysical Properties of Water

HJ: Water is much more than a means for hydrating the body — it is in many ways one of the primary foundations of life and consciousness as we know it.  As our research capabilities…


The 8 Taoist Secrets of Radiant Health and Longevity

HJ: Health is a holistic concept that goes far beyond meeting the basic physical needs of the body. Radiant health and longevity can only be achieved by acknowledging the role of the mind and spirit…


How Yoga Can Help You Achieve Your Highest Potential

HJ: Yoga is a powerful tool for helping you to achieve your dreams and reach your highest potential.  I have experienced its myriad benefits first hand in the 7+ years I have been…

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