The Law of Divine Manifestation – The Key to Unlocking Our True Potential

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Manifestation, despite being the subject of literally hundreds of books and a slew of well-known movies, is at best poorly understood and even more poorly executed.  This unfortunate situation keeps most of humanity imprisoned by the belief that external forces are responsible for the condition of their life.  One must first overcome this limiting paradigm by understanding that we are the creators of our lives/reality and begin to act accordingly.  The second precept one must learn on the path to full manifestation is the laws which govern manifestation and what forces affect its outcome.  The third skill one must develop is how to successfully work with and apply the laws learned in the second step.  This is the most difficult aspect because it requires great discipline and integrity, which are qualities that most struggle with throughout their lives.

Major stumbling blocks on the path to full manifestation are as follows:

1) Believing that one only need think of something for it to magically appear in their lives

2) Doubting ones ability to manifest

3) Not having the discipline to maintain the mindset and rituals of a true manifestor

4) Not knowing what is truly desired

5) Desiring to manifest from a place of lack, rather than a place of abundance

There are many more stumbling blocks than are listed here, but these typically are the ones most people experience and struggle with initially.  In the explanation of the Law of Manifestation below, Awareness outlines things simply, but books could be written about mastering specific concepts he/she references.  For example, our subconscious mind is perhaps our biggest asset and also our biggest saboteur.  Until it is cleared, healed, and brought under control, it can surreptitiously undermine our conscious manifestation efforts.  One may believe they truly desire or are deserving of a particular manifestation consciously, but deep down, they do not feel worthy.  Not being aware of this dichotomy, the intended manifestation never happens and the person is left disillusioned with the concept/law, believing it to be a hoax or some new age fluff.  However, they are mistaken.  The problem is that they have not reached a level at which they are ready to work with the law properly.  They must first remove the subconscious blockages and beliefs preventing them from manifesting fully.  This requires great will and discipline.  However, if one engages in the needed spiritual healing work, results can quickly be seen as they begin to live in alignment with higher principles.

For each of the stumbling blocks listed above, there is a similar process of reconciliation that will overcome the specific hurdle and allow one to move further down the path of full manifestation.  The truth is, that for the dedicated seeker, it is entirely possible to become a master manifestor in this lifetime, even in a few years.  What holds people back is a lack of discipline and desire for something more.  When one truly puts those frequencies of personal development out into the universe through conscious intention, experiences will result that guide the aloof aspirant towards mastery.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

The Law of Divine Manifestation—The Law of Divine Manifestation requires a manifestor to believe in the principle that whatever is needed for one’s growth and fruition, will be supplied by the Universe, for whatever price the manifestor truly believes is fair. But the manifestor must believe they truly have the right to receive the manifestation at the price or energy cost the entity believes is fair. If it is a worthy request, and the manifestor believes it is allotted at the time of asking, it will come. A worthy request expressed through prayer, imaging, ritual or whatever method, is anything that harms none, but benefits all involved. It is a win-win relationship. Anything that harms another, either in the process or in the outcome of manifestation, is not of the Divine and will carry a karmic debt

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