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3 Powerful Manifestation Exercises To Help You Master the Art of Creating Your Reality

HJ: Reality isn’t set in stone.  It responds in realtime to your thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions. Learn how to harness all of the above and more to create a reality of abundance,…


The Law of Manifestation: How to Turn Your Thoughts and Dreams into Reality

HJ: Manifestation is an art and like an art, it requires practice to master. Most people forget this fact. Furthermore, there is far more to it than just thinking positive thoughts and visualization….


How to Master the Art of Manifesting From a Higher Level of Consciousness

HJ: You are constantly manifesting whether you are aware of it or not.  However, by becoming consciously aware of that fact and the mechanics behind it, you can begin to take control of…


How to Begin Consciously Creating the Extraordinary Life You Deserve

HJ: Your life is a direct reflection of the sum total of beliefs, emotions and thoughts you have had since birth.  Change your beliefs, emotions and thoughts and your life will transform in…


How to Bend Reality to Your Will

HJ: Reality is subjectively experienced and created.  The truth is that we have far more power over every facet of our life experience than we realize.  It is so real and true to…


7 Powerful Ways to Activate the Flow of Abundance into Your Life

HJ: Abundance flows into your life in direct proportion to your personal energetic vibration and the degree to which you have cleared out your subconscious emotional blockages and maladaptive beliefs.  Trust me, it’s not…

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How to Become a Conscious Co-Creator of Your Reality

HJ: Whether or not you are aware of it, you are co-creating your reality.  The key is to make this process conscious and begin directing the course of your life with awareness.  The article…


The Two Biggest Blocks to Manifesting Your Dreams (And How to Overcome Them)

HJ: Manifestation works every time, without fail, unless you are standing in your own way — whether you realize it or not…  The fact is that most people use the correct techniques for…


The 4 Keys to Effortless Manifestation

HJ: If manifestation is not effortless for you, you are doing it the hard way.  You see, when we remove whatever is blocking us from realizing and effortlessly manifesting our needs and desires,…


How to Create More Love, Happiness and Abundance in Your Life Than You Ever Thought Possible

HJ: With the rise of ‘spiritually oriented marketing’ these days, we hear big promises like these all the time and about 90% of them majorly fail to deliver.  It’s not because the people…

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