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The 3 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

HJ: Dr. Wayne Dyer outlines the three stages of spiritual awakening based on his decades of study and spiritual practice.  An interesting read for sure. – Truth The 3 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening…


The 3 Stages of Advanced Conscious Awakening

HJ: On the never-ending journey towards enlightenment and beyond are stages of consciousness.  In this article, esoteric writer and teacher Montalk, describes the 3 stages of conscious awakening.  There are however even more,…

A Complete Guide to Healing and Understanding the Power of Your Chakras

HJ: Understanding and working with your Chakra’s is one of the keys to both spiritual and physical healing — after all, as the article below reveals, they have a massive influence on the…


4 Powerful Shamanic Exercises For Awakening Your Consciousness

HJ: Before modern medicine, modern psychology, there was the shaman.  The shaman was the healer and for thousands of years they have developed powerful practices for raising consciousness.  In fact, many would say…


5 Truths that Everyone on the Spiritual Path Must Learn

HJ: If you find yourself on the spiritual path, then you would be wise to learn and internalize the five truths revealed in the article below.  Doing so will allow you to minimize…


A Complete Guide to Finding Your True Self and Awakening to Your Full Potential

HJ: Finding your true self is the single most important thing you can do in this life and is the key to awakening to your full potential.  Your true self exists below the layers…


The 10 Rules For Winning at the Game of Life

HJ: Understanding these 10 rules, which are not taught in schools and rarely, if ever, taught by parents are the single greatest factor determining how happy and successful you will be in life….


Awakening to Your True Potential: Understanding Who You Are and Why You Are Here

HJ: To unlock your potential, you must first understand who you are beyond all the societal, familial and social conditionings you have been brought up with.  Furthermore, you must fill in the gaps…


Sex and Spirituality: How to Cultivate a Enlightened and Pleasurable Relationship With Both

HJ: The puritanical ideals of sex that have been drilled into the consciousness of humankind over the last few thousands of years are some of the hardest notions to erase from ones mind….


The Mystery of Spiritual Awakening: Understanding the The Causes of Higher States of Consciousness

HJ: I suspect most people who regularly visit the Healers Journal have either experienced a spiritual awakening leading to higher states of consciousness or are in the midst of doing so.  After all,…

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