November 2014

Expanding Your Consciousness: A Powerful Meditation For Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

HJ: What would you do if you knew that it was not possible to fail?  This is the path of inner wisdom.  The path of expanded consciousness.  The path where you follow your…


The Art of Transformation: Mindfulness Practices to End Suffering and Create Deep Peace in Your Life

HJ: Mindfulness is the art of detaching from your thoughts and therefore the suffering they invariably generate.  By doing so you drop into a deeper state of consciousness which gives rise to higher…


7 Zen Habits for Rapidly Improving the Quality of Your Life

HJ: This is a great article with fresh, inspired and thoughtful insights on how to substantially improve the quality of your life through Zen practices, specifically inspired by Susan Harrow’s lifelong martial arts…


15 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude, Happiness and Joy in Your Life

HJ: When you strip away all the bullshit we tend to believe that is just not true, this life is pretty freaking incredible.  Everywhere around us there are thousands upon thousands of miracles…


Everything You Need to Know About the Miraculous Properties of DNA

HJ: Your DNA is truly incredible and the knowledge and understanding of its functions can open you up to a whole new level of healing, wellness and consciousness.  This article is a fantastic, science…


9 Simple Ways to Get and Stay in Creative Flow

HJ: Life in creative flow is the closest thing you can experience to a magical state of being.  Everything you do becomes hyper focused and for lack of a better term, ‘perfect’.  This…


25 Truths About Life That Will Amplify Your Happiness and Joy

HJ: When you see yourself and the world differently, it changes everything.  This piece will help you reframe your life in a way that leads to higher satisfaction, joy, happiness and fulfillment. – Truth…


The 6 Keys to Savoring Life

HJ: The simple act of savoring life brings to us more of what we love about it.  Savoring, in many respects, is similar to an act of gratitude.  It inherently raises your vibration…


How to Permanently Release Guilt and Regret From Your Life

HJ: You are whole.  You only need remove what is not you to reveal that.  When you release the unnecessary burdens of guilt and regret, you shine your light brighter as a result….


How to Release Old Patterns and Limiting Beliefs With a Simple Self-Hypnosis Technique

HJ: Hypnosis is a powerful tool for self healing and repatterning.  This article offers a simple four step process for successfully handling and reprogramming limiting beliefs and emotional patterns.  Healing can really be…

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