May 2013

How to Purify Your Internal Organs Using Tai Chi and Yoga

HJ: Both the practice of Yoga and Tai Chi can be likened to giving your internal organs a deep massage.  The various postures, poses and movement sequences apply varying degrees of pressure to the organs…


The 6 Keys to Finding Meaningful Work in Life

HJ: Finding meaningful work is crucial for achieving lasting happiness in life and it’s not a terribly difficult thing to do, yet most people struggle with it their entire lives.  Today we face…


How Kundalini Activation Makes You Smarter

HJ: Many amazing things have been attributed to the awakening of kundalini, which are for the most part true in cases of authentic awakening.  Now science is venturing into the realm of metaphysical…


The Ayurvedic Food of the Gods

HJ: If you had to pick one food to be the staple of your diet on a daily basis, this would be it.  First and foremost, it is delicious and highly nourishing.  If…


3 Essential Herbs for Stress Reduction

HJ: For many of us stress is just a natural part of modern daily life.  Personally, as an entrepreneur and mentor to many people, I am constantly being pulled in multiple directions, all…


How Gratitude Can Help You Sail Through Hard Times

HJ: Practicing gratitude honestly will reframe seemingly negative situations or challenges into opportunities for growth and greater awareness of the self.  It really is all about perspective.  We can choose to view a…


How to Create True Prosperity in Your Life No Matter What The Economy is Doing

HJ: First and foremost, prosperity is a mindset.  The biggest stumbling block for most people is continually searching outside themselves for prosperity.  In this situation, one is constantly at the behest of external…


How to Improve Your Relationships By Becoming a Compassionate Listener

HJ: For many years, I thought I was a great listener.  However, as I became more self-aware, I realized that I wasn’t listening — I was just waiting for my turn to speak….


10 House Plants That Will Clean and Purify the Air Inside Your Home

HJ: Did you know that the air quality indoors, even in a new and clean building, is considered dangerously polluted by widely accepted air quality standards?  Unless you live in a cutting edge, LEED…


Is Your Health Controlled By Your Genes or the Food You Eat?

HJ: I think we all at one time or another have heard someone attribute some health problem they are having (usually weight related) to genetics.  On a surface level, this makes sense, and…

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