Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 196

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

These last few days have been more intense than most. In fact, you have all by now attained a new level of energy in your bodies, and this is one that will leave its mark not only on you, but also on the society in which you live. Let us explain. As we have often times discussed, these injections of energy and information are so much more than the fleeting impression of physical and mental exhaustion and imbalance that they carry with them. In other words, although they might seem overly negative whilst they are being transplanted into your system, they will literally do you the world of good. As you know so well by now, the amount of unpleasantness can very well mask this fact, as you are only aware of the side-effects, not of the real effects they carry with them. To put it more succinctly, you only feel bad from all of these hard labour pains of evolving, as your body and your mind has yet to register the arrival of the ”newborn” to call it that. In other words, you have yet to see the progeny you are all in the midts of bringing forth, as this is mostly obscured in a fog of, for some, intensely physical discomfort and also some very unpleasant mental downturns. But after this, we hope this fog of bewilderment and disillusionment will start to clear somewhat, and you will begin to see what is emerging, literally by help of your own physical bodies. For you are in so many ways literally giving birth to the new world that you are so longing for, as it is through your bodies that the most important parts of these energetic uploads are being carried.

And why is that, we hear you ask. Why do we have to utilize these, for some, ”primitive” organisms if we are the ones we claim to be, namely representatives of civilizations far more advanced than what you at the moment can claim to be? Well, let us just say that this has been the agreement all along, as this process is something that would not have been allowed to come about in the first place if you did not agree to participate. You see, this is an undertaking on a far vaster scale than you mayhaps can envisage at the moment, but it is one that would not be able to be initiated where it not for the fact that you have volunteered to come into these earth bound bodies in order to be able to stand as beacons of light, funneling all of this transformational energy into the planet you stand so firm on. This may sound strange, but it is an indisputable fact that without you serving as anchors for these injections of energy, this whole operation would be futile indeed. Hence, the need for all of you ”footsoldiers” to call you that, as we, as less tangible participants, would not be allowed to intervene in any way. And it would not be possible either, as these energies cannot be made effective in any way without being literally transmitted through you. This is a very complicated process, and one you are not currently able to grasp to its full extent, so let us just give you a few details, and leave the rest for a later date.

As you are well aware, the physical body in which you are currently residing is not the real ”you”, it is only a carefully constructed vehicle that enables you to move freely around in your everyday workings. Or rather, not ”freely” in the same capacity as we exist on other planes, but freely as an accepted member of the human family. And as such, you have already become an important player in this game, to call it that. You see, without you, there would only be the ”unseen” representatives on this planet. Make no mistake, they are many, but they have never been allowed to have free reins here. As we have stated earlier, this planet was originally set up as a training ground, used to teach members of many different civilizations the arts of existing in a place ensconced within a physical body. But as earlier discussed, this training ground was long ago literally hijacked by a brigade of beings set on entertaining themselves at the expense of all other creatures already represented here. But now, their time is up, but in order to readjust the flagrant imbalance that these trickster have beset you with, you need to do the most important part of this readjustment process by literally lifting the level of energy in your own bodies to a level that will shift the whole balance from predominately dark and back to light again.

In other words, you are like points of light that have been dimmed down for eons, now being slowly but surely switched on to maximum power again. And now, as you are starting to glow ever brighter, everything around you will start to stand out much clearer too. So the fact that you are raising your levels to new heights day by day, hour by hour, is literally making the whole planet start to shine again. You are as beacons, but the combined effect of all of you far outshines the effect you have as singular lightsources. So you are in effect creating a strong energetic filament crisscrossing this whole globe, making the patches of darkness stand out more and more, as the light you are all taking in is making the contrasts bigger and more pronounced by the day.

We know our words will make many of you scratch your heads in confusion, because this is a big picture we are trying to give you, but let us just sum it up by saying that even of you might feel like an insignificant – and at this stage more than washed out – player, you are literally the main character in this whole salvage operation. Without you, we could not be of assistance, and without you, this planet where you reside would never be able to wrestle herself away from those dark fingers trying to pull her further down into the darkness. For now, the sun has finally risen over the horizon, and it will never set again, no matter how hard those old tricksters will try to sling their mud around. They will leave their mark here and there, as they trash about trying to dim the light already present, but no matter how hard they try, they can only leave a few smudges. For you are no longer dimmed down, dear ones, you have started to shine in earnest. And as you are approaching your full powers again, the light will only continue to strengthen, and those unable to face this intensity will have no other option than to turn away and find another dark corner to inhabit.

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