Access the Gamma Wave State Effortlessly Using Sound


Groundbreaking research[1] into the brain wave patterns of
buddhist monks and advanced meditators has revealed that
they experience a profound and unique brain wave pattern
known as the Gamma wave state.


The Gamma brain wave state is associated with many of the
greatest benefits of years of meditation practice such
as enhanced creativity, mental performance, happiness, focus
and deep feelings of peace, centeredness and oneness.


This state can be effortlessly recreated in the human brain
using a special type of audio technology known as binaural beats.
Binaural beats were discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove
and have since been proven through years of scientific
to be able to stimulate specific brainwave patterns in


The Healers Journal Gamma Wave Sound Healing is based on a
proprietary audio technology combining Gamma Wave
producing binaural beats with specially designed music that
beautifully weaves the sounds of nature with lush, harmonic


It is a fully immersive, groundbreaking audio experience that
effortlessly guides you into the same brainwave state
experienced by buddhist monks and advanced meditators during
the deepest levels of meditation — the Gamma Wave state.


Most importantly, you don’t have to be meditating to experience
these benefits.  We recommend listening while working, reading,
engaging in creative activities or just about anything else you can
think of.


And if you do decide to meditate while using the Gamma Wave
Sound Healing, you can count on going deeper more rapidly
you ever thought possible.






Go Deeper When You Meditate

The Gamma wave state directly corresponds with the deepest
levels of meditation normally seen only in Buddhist monks
and other advanced meditators.  When you use our specially
designed music, your brain wave pattern will rapidly be guided
into the Gamma wave state allowing you to experience the deep
levels of awareness that come with it.

The Gamma wave sound healing will allow you to go deeper in
your meditations than would otherwise be possible without years
of rigorous meditation practice.





Enhanced and Amplified Creativity

In the Gamma wave state, communication between our right
brain creative processing and our left brain logic centers is
harmonized and balanced, which allows you to not only access
deeper levels of creativity and inspiration, but also to gain
insight into how your visions and ideas can be realized and

When in the Gamma wave state, creative inspiration and
ideas flow much more fluidly and rapidly.  It is an ideal state
for artists, writers, performers, designers, healers, highly
intuitive individuals and anyone in a leadership role.



mood peace and oneness

Improved Mood: Experience Feelings of Peace and Oneness

It’s no secret that meditation improves mood and feelings
of peace and oneness as clearly shown by an increasingly large
body of research from major universities worldwide[2].

The Gamma wave sound healing helps you access the same
brain wave states which occur at the deepest levels of
meditation, whether or not you are meditating.  This allows
you to experience the improvements in mood and feelings of
peace and oneness at will and also while engaged in other
actives besides meditation.




brain-hemisphere-balance-gamma wave

Improved Memory and Mental Performance

The Gamma wave state has been shown to enhance
neural synchrony[2][3], which means that communication and
synchronization between neurons in the brain are enhanced.

This is strongly linked to increased learning capacity, improvements in memory and recall, increased speed
with which memories and thoughts can be recalled,
and enhanced perception — all hallmarks of dramatically
increased cognition and mental performance.





Enhanced Clarity and Focus

The Gamma wave state produces profound synchronization
and harmony in brain function as experienced in deep
states of meditation.  This harmonization gives rise to the
ability to maintain an exceptionally high level of focus.

It also promotes clarity, allowing you to access
memories, thoughts and ideas more easily and to better
perceive the interconnectedness between them.
When fully utilized, this can lead to profound realizations
and increased problem solving capabilities.  It is a natural
byproduct of being in the Gamma wave state.




awakening-enhanced-perceptionHarmonizes Communication Between Brain Hemispheres

When we are in the Gamma wave state, the two hemispheres
of the brain are brought into balance and harmony, which
allows us to access a greater level of awareness that
combines the strengths of both right brain creative
processing with left brain logic and reason.

This synchronized state gives us a fresh perspective and new insight into many aspects of our lives, for instance any
challenges we are facing or goals we are in the process of
achieving.  It also positively affects our perception,
increases creativity, enhances mental performance and
produces feeling of wellbeing and happiness.





Gamma Wave Sound Healing


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[1] The Gamma Wave Pineal Activation can be used with or without headphones and listened to on any set of speakers — however, it is highly recommended to use the highest quality speakers possible for maximum benefit/effect.

[2] The Gamma Wave Pineal Activation can be used as an aid to meditation by playing the music through headphones or speakers while meditating.

[3] The Gamma Wave Pineal Activation can also be used as background music to facilitate whatever activity you are engaging in (Please do not use the Gamma Wave Pineal Activation while driving or operating heavy machinery).

[4] The Pineal Gland Activation can be used as often as is desired and the benefits will increase with usage.

[5] The Pineal Gland Activation is particularly beneficial when listened to while engaging in:

– Creative Actives (drawing, painting, using your imagination)
– Working on Projects Requiring Focused Attention
– Tai Chi
– Reading
– Studying
– Relaxing
– Yoga




The Technology Behind the Gamma Wave Sound Healing

The Healers Journal Gamma Wave Sound Healing is based on binaural & monoaural beat technology, which has been extensively researched and proven to be able to guide the brainwave patterns of listeners into various desirable states.[3]

The Gamma Wave Sound Healing uses a 50 hz differential to produce a standing Gamma wave in the brain of the listener, thereby allowing them to receive the benefits of being in this expanded state of awareness.

The Gamma Wave Sound Healing also uses specially designed music that is created from organic instruments and recordings of nature that complement and enhance the Gamma brainwave statesoothe the nervous system, relax the mind and gently guide the listener into a highly focused yet calm and centered space.




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[1] Liou, Chien-Hui, Hsieh, Chang-Wei, Hsieh, Chao-Hsien, Lee, Si-Chen, Chen, Jyh-Horng, and Wang, Chi-Hong. Correlation between Pineal Activation and Religious Meditation Observed by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Available from Nature Precedings <> (2007)

[2]Lutz A, Greischar LL, Rawlings NB,  Ricard M,  Davidson RJ, Long-term meditators self-induce high-amplitude gamma synchrony during mental practice. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 101:16369–16373 (2004)

[3] Udo Will, Eric Berg, Brain wave synchronization and entrainment to periodic acoustic stimuli, Neuroscience Letters, Volume 424, Issue 1, 31 August 2007, Pages 55-60, ISSN 0304-3940, 10.1016/j.neulet.2007.07.036. (

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