Selacia: Prepare for the Fall Equinox Energy Gateway

By Selecia

Preparing for an energy gateway like the September Equinox is less about doing and more about being still. For the most benefit, find a quiet place without distractions, stilling your mind long enough to hear your inner voice about this juncture. Connect with your heart, emptying your mind of thoughts and simply breathe. When you are still long enough, letting go of agendas and concerns, the voice of your inner wisdom can get your attention. The quieter you allow yourself to become, the more you can hear.

There is a place deep within your being that remembers why you came to Earth and why these moments in time are so precious and vital to the progression of your soul. You want to access this wisdom now, as you prepare for the new energy threshold of Equinox.
Invite your inner wisdom to come into your conscious awareness, intersecting with your present energy and your intentions for the next phase. Ask for a multidimensional perspective.

This larger picture from spirit will help you to adjust your thinking, balance your emotions, and update your view of yourself. Chances are, you are not dreaming big enough and you discount your progress to date. Having a distorted view of your own progress can go hand in hand with doubting that the world is becoming a more loving place. While this is normal thinking for so many people today, you must not settle for normal.

This Equinox is one of three key energy gateways on the horizon in 2012. The other two gateways include the 11/11 doorway and the 12/21 Solstice. All three offer you and humanity opportunities to ascend into a higher spiritual state. At each gateway, too, you have the potential of greater self-understanding – discovering more about your true path and connecting with energies and people who are a natural part of your destiny.

Three Questions to Ask Now

Here are three questions to ask now as you prepare for the Equinox energy gateway. It is recommended that you ask them in an open-ended way, without agenda and without expecting a specific type of response. The answers may come as you are asking the questions, as you sit in silence, during your dream state, or days later. The most important thing is to ask the questions, letting spirit reveal what you need to know. Listen for the first responses you receive.

What is the one area of my life that needs more balance now?
What can I do or avoid doing to raise my energetic frequency?
What is the one thing that needs to be released before I can move forward?

This simple questioning process sets in motion energetic support from spirit and helps prepare you to benefit fully from the Equinox energy gateway.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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