The Healers Journal is dedicated to empowering humanity to understand the relationship between the mind, body and spirit and helping them to use it to create the life they desire for themselves.  We do this by bringing together many of the worlds finest minds on a wide range of mind body spirit topics.  The Healers Journal has an extensive article library with over 2,000 articles extensively documenting this relationship.

The Healers Journal is a highly cultivated selection of content that is designed to expand consciousness with a solid foundation in the timeless wisdom of the spiritual principles which govern our existence.

Anyone is welcome to submit content, but only the best will be selected to appear on the site.

For contact information, please visit our contact page.

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  1. Thank you! I am so very grateful to you, you are a blessing in my life!
    Fellow Truth Seeker

    • Thank you for you kind words Tish, they are much appreciated.

      In Gratitude,


  2. I love the Journal

    I found it because I was looking for pineal gland stimulation techniques.

    Do you write all the articles?


    • Hi Viridiana,

      We do not write all the articles. We do write the introduction that appears before the articles and we do also write them from time to time.

      Thank you for your kind words! Glad to have you as part of the community.

      In Gratitude,


  3. SO AMAZING! Truly a miracle. I have spend a week penning The Healers Diet in a hotel room in Asheville, NC (not my current home, but my hometown) and just discovered your website. I just practiced a hooping/whirling essential oil spiritual energy evocation that I designed for The Healers Diet and I’m floating…and then to discover your website just now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best, Carla.

  4. Wonderful content for an amazing website!. An Healers Journal that teach you how heal and reconnect with your true self. How do I explain this better?
    Best, Ben

  5. I absolutely cannot believe you are carrying an ad for No Against I-522. This is part of the millions currently being spent on the anti-GMO labeling vote in Washington state with elections going on at this very moment. If this truly is a ‘Healer’s Journal’ why in heaven’s name would you encourage your site visitors to vote against GMO labeling? Did you receive your money directly from Monsanto? I hope this is some form of terrible mistake. Perhaps I have been living under an extremely false perception of reality and I do indeed look forward to learning the ‘truth’. Can someone explain this to me?

    • Charlie,

      Let me give you a little education on how the advertising on our site works.

      We are enrolled in Google Adsense, which is the internets largest web advertising program. About 80% or more of the sites which carry advertising use it.

      Here is how it work’s:

      Their algorithm takes into account two factors when deciding which ads to show — 1) Your personal search history and 2) the content of the page you are viewing

      In your case, you were on a page on our website CLEARLY AGAINST GMO’S and PRO GMO LABELING, however the Google Adsense program is not that smart. It only recognizes the keyword on the page — GMO. So the computer algorithm searches its ad inventory for an ad that also has the keyword GMO. It finds an ad that just happens to be promoting not labeling GMO’s and thinks ‘hey this is a good match because this website is about GMO and this ad is about GMO’ Then it shows the ad you saw.

      I have no control over this. It is all computer generated and based on the 2 factors listed above. There are millions of advertisers in the adsense database and that is the one it happened to show when you were on my site. I did not choose it, I do not take money from Monsanto or any other outlandish thing you are suggesting.

      I am simply hosting google adsense on this site because we need to make money to cover the expenses of the site and cover our time expenses because we give all this information out freely and out of the goodness of our heart trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

      So we do not really appreciate it when some like you who means well, but severely misunderstands what is happening comes on here and leaves 8+ comments for us to clean up. That is comment spam. If you leave a comment, give us reasonable time to respond to it. I was sleeping and I awoke to all these accusations that are clearly misguided.

      If you want to know our policy on GMO’s do a search on the Healers Journal for GMO’s and you will clearly see every article is non-GMO in stance and PRO-LABELING in stance.

      The best we can do is submit a request to Adsense to not show that ad, but they do not respond to emails so I cannot promise it will be banned from our site. It is unfortunate, yes, but that is where technology is currently at.

      There are over 15,000 ads shown on our site daily. It is all managed by Google’s algorithm. I am sure as time goes on, it will get better and they will be able to differentiate between non-GMO and pro-GMO, but at the moment, that clearly is not yet possible. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and blame us for something we have nearly zero control over.


  6. please put me on email list..thanks

  7. THANK U

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  9. I am following Healers Journal blog from past few months and it really inspired me to start my own blog about acupressure points which help people in healing many health problems medicines.

  10. Please put me on your mailing list….Love the content!!!!

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  17. What are your sources for the science behind this?

    • hello

  18. Thank you

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