May 2015

9 Ways to Transform Challenge and Struggle Into Positive Personal Growth

HJ: If you are experiencing it, it is for your highest good.  Even though it may not always seem like that in the moment, the truth is all experiences are opportunities for growth…


10 Powerful Methods for Rewiring Your Brain and Letting Go of Old Habits

HJ: Everything about you — your personality, the way you think, the way you talk, what you believe — can be changed.  You are not set in stone.  You are dynamic and flexible…


The 7 Keys to a Healthy, Happy, Spiritually Evolved Relationship

HJ: Relationships can rapidly accelerate spiritual evolution when we approach them with consciousness and awareness of deeper metaphysical principles.  They have a tendency to bring up in us that which is not yet…


4 Ways to Love Yourself More Deeply and Wholly

HJ: To love and honor yourself more deeply is to love and honor the world more deeply.  In fact it is to love and honor all of existence more fully.  Because there is…

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How to Expand Your Consciousness

HJ: Expanding your consciousness is not so much about trying as it is about opening up to what’s already there.  All the answers you seek are within should you know how to look….


40 Powerful Insights to Help You Think and Stay Positive at All Times

HJ: You must not only think positive — you must also feel positive. Because if your heart and your mind are not in sync, you will not create what you intended.  Your emotional…


The Spiritual Keys to Profound Change and Transformation

HJ: All true change begins from within and is spiritual in nature.  Rearranging external objects or circumstances does little, if anything, without a corresponding internal shift.  Therefore focus your time and energy within,…


5 Keys to Letting the Universe Guide You Down the Path of Least Resistance

HJ: When you trust the wisdom of life — of the universe — your life takes on a whole new level of ‘awesomeness’ for lack of a better term.  Meaning you let go…

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35 Signs You’re Succeeding at Life and Expanding Your Consciousness

HJ: If you’re look most people, you tend to be very hard on yourself.  And that means that often times it’s easy to overlook your accomplishments and successes that are significant but not…


How to Connect With the Spirits of Plants: A Step-by-Step Guide

HJ: Plants are conscious, sentient beings and therefore we are able to connect with them on a meaningful level and experience their essence.  This is a powerful, ancient semi-shamanic practice that has largely…

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