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24 Signs That You May Be an Indigo Child (or Adult)

HJ: While many indigos are indeed still children, quite a large number of you have now progressed onto adulthood..  I think this is an important distinction because it may keep some people from identifying…


Where Are We Now in the Unfolding Ascension Process? The 6 Month Milestone and the Expansion of Consciousness

HJ: Almost 6 months post Ascension, the question arises, where are we now?  Has anything actually changed?  The answer is: it depends.  It depends on your personal beliefs, perspective, level of awareness and commitment to…


How the Eclipses of 2013 Help Us to Access Our Multidimensional Nature

HJ: Eclipses are sacred alignments of celestial bodies which amplify and create specific energetic patterns that have the effect of transforming human consciousness, among other things.  As such, they are catalysts for change…


The 11 Keys to Manifesting Your Highest Potential

HJ: We all have a destiny, but that does not mean that our life is predetermined.  Our destiny is essentially our highest potential — our highest expression of ourself in a given lifetime….


Understanding the Rise of the Light: The Unfolding Planetary Shift into Higher Consciousness

HJ:  We are in the midst of a massive shift in consciousness that is unfolding with great speed.  It may seem to be moving quite slowly to some, but one must always remember…


Where Are We Now? The Evolution of Human Consciousness in the Dawn of the New Age

HJ: Now more than ever, your personal energetic frequency, beliefs and thoughts will dictate what you experience and perceive.  This has always been the case, but one of the main difference now being…

Understanding The Post-Ascension World: The First Trimester of Energetic Development

HJ: Normally I would write a lengthy intro to a message such as this, but there is nothing I can add to it.  All your answers are contained therein. – Truth Cosmic Awareness…


It’s 2013… What Now?

HJ: Many can feel that something major shifted this past Decemeber and that indeed we now find ourselves in a new age.  However, many also lack clarity as to just exactly what that…


Owen Waters: The Emerging Age of Light

HJ: This short, but profound article by Owen Waters offers valuable insight into what is currently unfolding on this planet and in the collective and individual consciousness post-Ascension.  I cannot stress enough that…


Cosmic Awareness: You Are Still in the Midst of the Unfolding Ascension Process

HJ: As I, and I am sure many of you, have intuited, we are still very much in the middle of the Ascension process.  It is still unfolding, morphing, resonating, responding and advancing…

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