July 2015

How to Shift Your Brain into The Expanded Gamma Wave State

HJ: The Gamma Wave state is one of the highest and most expanded forms of consciousness, normally only seen in advanced meditators, monks and spiritual masters.  However, there are ways to get into…


How to Expand Your Feelings of Self-Love: Deep Healing Through Forgiveness

HJ: Everyone is on the path towards love.  It takes us all different amounts of time to ultimately get there, but it is our ultimate destination—to return to the wholeness, joy and peace…


The Art of Mindful Eating: How to Heal Food Issues and Create Radiant Health

HJ: Eating with body, mind and spirit awareness is the key to transcending the purely physical level of health and expanding things into the holistic realm.  This is the realm where we see…


7 Reliable Steps to Create More Happiness, Joy and Freedom in Your Life at Any Age

HJ: Your life is what you make of it and you can make of it whatever you set your heart and mind to creating.  You are the creator of your life first and…


How to Live Fully Centered in the Joy and Wisdom of the Present Moment

HJ: The past and the future are illusions. Everything exists in an ever-evolving, ever-shifting present moment and the more you can align your life and awareness with that fact, the better it will…


How to Make Your Future Better Than Your Past

HJ: The past does not equal the future.  Every new day is a chance to change your life forever and begin creating the life you most want to be living.  You are so…


4 Powerful Mantras For Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

HJ: The opposite of fear is not love, but trust.  Trust that everything that is happening is intended to help you grow and evolve your consciousness.  Fear is just a feeling—a simple emotion…


10 Life Changing Things You Must Understand if You Are Empathic or Highly Sensitive

HJ: Being highly sensitive and empathic is truly a blessing, however it can often feel like a curse before you learn some important points about how to manage and live with your abilities….


How to Transform Adversity Into Opportunity and Growth

HJ: Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for your growth and personal evolution.  When seeing things in this context, it changes how we experience adversity and challenge.  Instead of lamenting…


Powerful Herbs and Practices for Improving Your Brain Function

HJ: Your brain is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it.  And just like your muscles, certain foods, herbs and nutrients can boost there function significantly. – Truth Herbs…

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