December 2012
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Archangel Metatron: 2013 – The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation

HJ: It has been a while since the last Metatron via James Tyberonn update.  However, it is probably necessary to space these messages out quite a bit due to the level of information…


Chris Bourne: Homo Divinicus – The Shape of Things to Come

HJ: This is a wonderful article in which Chris touches upon some advanced, powerful spiritual concepts.  He outlines the 7 Koshas below, which is an ancient concept defining the seven bodily levels we…


The Infinite Ascension

HJ: The concept of Ascension as a single day event is a gross misunderstanding of the fundamental nature of Ascension.  It is always possible to Ascend and whether or not one does so…


DL Zeta: Uniting our Physical and Energetic Selves Activates Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

HJ: DL Zeta continues to be one of the best sources for higher dimensional spiritual information available at this time.  She has literally laid out a complete road map to accessing our higher…


Learning to Work With Intuition: Empowerment Begins Inside Your Body

HJ:  The development of ones intuition is a critical step on the path to higher conscious awareness.  We all contain this powerful ‘internal compass’ that will never lead us astray, however, we must…


The Emerging Unstoppable Liberation of Humanity

HJ: What else can I say?  Zen Gardner hits the nail squarely on the head with this timely manifesto.  In a recent article I was reading, someone referred to 2013 as ‘Year 1’….


Thirteen Simple Ways To Prevent Cancer

HJ: Dr.  Kim gives some great all-around tips for living a lifestyle that naturally prevents cancer.  This is a great starting point, however, there a couple of important things I would add to…


Creating the Life of Your Dreams: Understanding and Working With The Law of Attraction

HJ: While all the talk of Ascension and what that means for humanity has its place, in a way, it obfuscates the real problems facing humanity at this time, which is a lack…


Neale Donald Walsch: You Are Co-Creating Life’s Events

HJ: Once again, Neale brings us timeless words of wisdom and insight into the nature of reality.  The concepts he touches on and expresses so eloquently are fundamental laws of the universe that…


A Readers Perspective on Ascension

HJ: I awoke this morning to find this most insightful, thoughtful, succinct and profound comment on the most recent Cosmic Awareness Post (which can be read HERE).  Alas, this individual was able to…

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