DNA Activation and Sound Healing


The DNA Activation & Vibrational Sound Healing has been specifically designed for those seekers who wish to speed up the process of reaching higher levels of consciousness, spiritual awareness and metaphysical abilities.

This relaxing sound healing will greatly enhance the pace of your spiritual evolution and help you to unlock your higher spiritual abilities and innate powerful nature.

If you desire a better life for yourself that includes a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature, the healing of limiting beliefs and thoughts, increased manifestation abilities and access to your innate spiritual abilities and powers, then the DNA Activation & Vibrational Sound Healing can greatly help you on your journey.

This is an extremely potent activation and is recommended for those who sincerely wish to elevate their spiritual journey to the next level.


Benefits of the DNA Activation & Vibrational Sound Healing


Melt Away Stress and Tension – Experience Deep Relaxation

The profoundly relaxing delta-wave binaural beats embedded into the DNA Activation will help you effortlessly relax and open your body, mind and spirit to the deeper level of healing that is occurring.  This is extremely important for quieting the thinking mind and allowing a true connection to one’s higher self.


Clears Energetic Blockages at the Chakras and Throughout the Body’s Meridians

In order for our DNA to be fully expressed, we must have clear energetic pathways in our bodies and most importantly, at our chakras (spiritual energy centers).  The guided visualization and sacred, healing sound frequencies embedded in the DNA Activation & Vibrational Sound Healing powerfully combine to help clear the body’s meridians and Chakras by releasing pent up energies and emotions that are frequently stuck there.  This lays the foundation for the further activation of our DNA even when not actively using the sound healing.  The effects are cumulative and increased usage will result in quicker progress.


Activate the Primary Triangulation of Your DNA – Unlock Your Highest Potential

The DNA Activation and Vibrational Sound Healing will rapidly speed your progress towards fully activating your 3rd strand of DNA, thereby forming your primary DNA triangulation and activating your higher spiritual abilities and nature.  The vast majority of Humanity is currently operating from only the 2 most basic strands of DNA that are related primarily to our physicality and lower mammalian nature.  The next phase in human evolution involves the activation of 3rd strand of DNA and is our first collective step into higher spiritual awareness.

Do not be fooled by other DNA Activations claiming to activate anything more than 3rd strand of DNA.  For the record, there are only 12 primary master strands of DNA that can be activated.  To give you an idea of how powerful activating just the 3rd strand of DNA is, consider this:  Activating the 3rd strand of DNA is enough to attain what is known as complete enlightenment including full use of all extra sensory abilities – telepathy, instant manifestation and teleportation.


Enhance Your Innate Extra Sensory Abilities and Cultivate Expanded Awareness

Our higher psycho-spiritual abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, the ability to see auras and energy, and the ability to manifest at will are all governed and activated by our higher DNA (strands 3 to 12).  Over 90% of people on the planet today are operating with only two DNA strands currently activated.  These two base strands are responsible for the 5 senses we need for physical survival on the planet.  The DNA Activation and and vibrational sound healing will activate your higher strands (3-12) with repeated use.


Effortlessly Remove Limiting Beliefs, Thoughts and Emotions Keeping You From Your Higher Spiritual Nature

We unconsciously pick up limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions throughout our lives that do not serve our highest good.  They can keep us from realizing our full potential and connecting more deeply with ourselves.  The profound relaxation and transformation that occurs with the DNA Activation allows for a greater understanding of the self and a release of these unconscious beliefs and thoughts.


Repair, Activate and Strengthen Your Aura and Etheric Body

The DNA Activation has been specially designed with specific frequencies and harmonic overtones that harmonize and repair your aura and etheric/energetic body.  Furthermore, the guided meditation employs advanced visualization techniques that greatly enhances the deep auric clearing and energetic body alignment.  Our aura’s and etheric bodies are constantly being exposed to damaging electro magnetic frequencies throughout the day.  The DNA Activation and vibrational sound healing brings these two energetic shields back into alignment and powerful integrity.



DNA Activation & Vibrational Sound Healing


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Special Features: DNA Activation & Vibrational Sound Healing

Profound Relaxation & Deep Attunement

Embedded Binaural Beats – Deep Relaxation Allowing Subconscious Activation

This activation is embedded with Binaural Beats that put the listener into a state of deep and profound relaxation.  This has the effect of bypassing the conscious mind and giving direct access to the subconscious, which is then extremely receptive to the healing and activating properties of the guided visualizations.  This results in more profound and more quickly realized effects.

The Binaural Beat overlay in this activation stimulates the brain into a deep Delta-wave state commonly experienced in the deepest levels of REM sleep (stage 3 & 4 NREM). Delta wave activity has also been purported to aid in the formation of declarative and explicit memory formation. [10](Wikipedia.org)

Alternating Cycle Relaxation & Activation – Enhanced Integration

By sandwiching the guided visualization portion of the DNA Activation with extended periods of relaxation both before and after, the participant is first primed into a receptive state for more a potent and profound effect of the activation as well as a period of integration that allows for the accumulated benefits of the visualization exercise to be deeply embedded into ones subconscious and being.

Provides you With Tools To Activate Your DNA – Reclaim Your Mastery

Because the DNA Activation itself is primarily an active process, in that it is a guided meditation rather than a ‘passive healing’, one can, with practice and repeated use, become proficient in the techniques used within the activation to the point where the audio guide is no longer needed and activation can be carried out autonomously without aid.  This is extremely beneficial.


Instructions for use:

To receive the maximum benefit from all embedded healing technologies, headphones are recommended, although not necessary.

It is suggested that the participant find a quiet place, free from distractions and potential disturbances where they can let themselves be fully immersed in the activation.

The activation can be done laying down or sitting up although it is suggested that the participant is lying down for maximum comfort, and hence, maximum relaxation, receptiveness, and efficaciousness.

Ideally cell phones, computers, and any devices that emit EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) or potentially disturbing noises should be shut off, if possible.



Results will become more noticeable with increased usage.  However, it is recommended to limit the use of the DNA Activation to once per day until you are familiar with its effects.  More frequent usage may cause emotional and physical detoxification at a faster rate than is comfortable to process.  As always, listen to your body.

Background on DNA:

Decades of research into the function of DNA have led many scientists to the conclusion that a large percentage of it, perhaps 98% or more, is inactive.  This supposedly inactive majority of our DNA is often referred to as ‘Junk DNA’ because it cannot currently by determined with existing technology/knowledge** to have any specific function or correlation with those faculties that keep us alive and well.  What is commonly understood as the ‘human experience’ is believed to be completely contained within the minuscule (by comparison) amount of DNA that is considered active.

** Existing popular/mainstream technology and thought, which is limited in large part by the refusal of many scientists to acknowledge the possibility and in fact existence of energies and concepts that are beyond the current capabilities of science to measure.  Often times this is due to the separation of science and spirituality.

From Wikipedia:

“Junk DNA, a term that was introduced in 1972 by Susumu Ohno,[25] was a provisional label for the portions of a genome sequence for which no discernible function had been identified. According to a 1980 review in Nature by Leslie Orgel and Francis Crick, junk DNA has “little specificity and conveys little or no selective advantage to the organism”.[26]

The article goes on to state:

“The term is currently, however, an outdated concept, being used mainly in popular science and in a colloquial way in scientific publications, and may have slowed research into the biological functions of noncoding DNA.[27] Several lines of evidence indicate that many “junk DNA” sequences are likely to have unidentified functional activity, and other sequences may have had functions in the past.[28]

The key to this seemingly paradoxical puzzle is hinted at by this last sentence and lies at the vaguely defined edge where science meets spirituality.


DNA Activation:  The Spiritual Science

Without going into a scholarly analysis of the subject, I will explain why the concept of ‘junk DNA’ is actually shortsighted and that not only does this supposed ‘junk DNA’ have a purpose, but that they activation of this dormant DNA is a major requisite for mental, physical, and spiritual advancement and upliftment.

What has been recently popularized as supposed ‘junk DNA’ is, as quoted above, none other than DNA with “…unidentified functional activity…” and that it indeed “… may have had functions in the past.”  Simply put, science is not able to explain what this DNA does, and therefore has concluded that until further information comes to light, it can be considered inactive, or as popularly referred to, ‘junk’.

While this is a convenient dualistic way of looking at the problem, it is extremely short sighted in lieu of the massive amount of spiritual literature to the contrary, a small fraction of which can be found on this site (Note: For a list of selected readings see belowHL).  In truth, it is well known in many spiritual circles that not only is there no such thing as junk DNA, but merely inactive DNA.

This major premise then gives rise to the question, what is this inactive DNA’s purpose?  The answer to this question is very interesting.


DNA Activation: The Key to the Experience of Our Full Human Potential

Again, this article is not intended to elaborate in substantial depth on the subject of dormant DNA and its activation, but merely to provide the ardent seeker a guidepost of light and conceptual understanding of what they will be embarking upon when using the DNA activation now being made available to the public at large via The Healers Journal.

That being said, in its current state, humanity is operating in large part from only 2 strands of DNA.  The human form has the capacity in a fully awakened and en-lightened (far beyond what we commonly think of in reference to those terms) state to operate on all 12 strands of DNA, however, that is far, far beyond the capacity of any human soul currently residing on Earth at this time.

What is typically referred to as Ascension on this website and throughout literature referencing such an event is the cosmic up-shift from 2-stranded consciousness to 3-stranded consciousness, known as the Primary Triangulation.

While some may indeed activate further than 3 strands of DNA in the coming times, the vast majority will be solely activating their 3rd strand in preparation for incoming energies and further strand activations as their spiritual journey unfolds.

The above statement should give one a general idea of how powerful the awakening of each strand of DNA truly is.  It is nothing short of a radically life altering and profound transformation that bears many similarities to what is commonly thought of by the term enlightenment, although it is in fact far beyond that.  The fact that the upshift from 2 to 3 strands of active DNA by the human collective will forever change (for the better) how we as a society act in stark contrast to what we currently experience as reality gives one an idea of the massive potential stored within in a single strand of our DNA.  Another way one might think of the coming Ascension is as simply the activation of our long-dormant 3rd strand of DNA.  Again, a small portion of highly advanced souls is already operating with 3 strands of active DNA and has the potential to activate further in the coming months and years, however, the overwhelming majority of humanity will simply be moving from 2 to 3 activated strands during Ascension.


The Remaining 10 Strands of DNA

Simply put, for the purposes of this article, its beyond comprehension of the current human mind to be able understand on any meaningful level what activation of DNA beyond 4 strands is like.  Suffice it to say that with each strand of DNA that activates beyond the 2 that are currently responsible for our human experience, that further metaphysical abilities and increasingly higher levels of pure love, light, and oneness consciousness are achieved.  The simplest way to explain it would be the gradual re-merging of the divine within us all to our fullest possible expression as souls within the current dimensions that we exist in at this level of consciousness.


What Does it All Mean?

To bring things back to a more practical nature, what most people reading this will want to focus on is the full activation of our 3rd strand of DNA, the process of which is known as Primary Triangulation in spiritual literature and specifically as expounded by the Sirians in Patricia Cori’s phenomenal book, “No More Secrets, No More Lies”.

The activation of our 3rd strand of DNA is intimately linked with the activation of our pituitary gland to higher levels of prowess and power.  It is what is unknowingly being referred to every time the word Ascension is mentioned.  It is the key that opens the door to the next level of human consciousness and for serious spiritual seekers it should be one of the foremost goals on the path to enlightenment and Ascension.

DNA Activation & Vibrational Sound Healing


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