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How To Rewire Self-Love Into Your Brain Permanently

HJ: Love has the power to transmute all lower emotions into higher ones and powerfully shift your thoughts, beliefs and vibration when expressed authentically, powerfully and deeply. – Truth How To ‘Wire’ Self-Love Into…


How to Experience the Wisdom, Good and Growth Hidden in Difficult Situations

HJ: The idea of right and wrong, good and bad are all just judgement calls on events and circumstances designed to help us grow and expand. Every single last one of them. –…


The Law of Manifestation: How to Turn Your Thoughts and Dreams into Reality

HJ: Manifestation is an art and like an art, it requires practice to master. Most people forget this fact. Furthermore, there is far more to it than just thinking positive thoughts and visualization….


10 Ways to Get Your Life Unstuck and Move Back Into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities

HJ: You only get stuck when you momentarily forget that anything is possible at all times.  It’s a trap of the rational/logical mind and one that you can shift out of by reconnecting…


20 Powerful Ways to Clear and Protect Against Negative Energy

HJ: Often times you don’t ever realize you’ve been holding onto negative energy until you’ve cleared it.  Then the difference you feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually is like night and day.  It’s like…


31 Ways to Drop into the Present Moment and Feel Happier Right Now

HJ: Right here, right now, happiness is waiting for you.  When you let go of how you think things should be and start appreciating how they are — seeing the wisdom, good and beauty in…


How to Heal and Clear Unwanted Emotional Energy

HJ: Emotions are energy in motion.  And as you know, energy can become blocked and trapped within the body and mind for a number of reasons.  Left unattended it can lead to disease…

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How to Expand Your Consciousness

HJ: Expanding your consciousness is not so much about trying as it is about opening up to what’s already there.  All the answers you seek are within should you know how to look….


How to Access the Wisdom of Your Infinite Self

HJ: You are infinite.  You are powerful beyond measure.  You are an aspect of the divine in human form and as soon you as realize and embrace this fully to the depths of…


The Secret to Changing the World Through Higher Consciousness

HJ: The world cannot be transformed through the same level of consciousness that created the problems it is experiencing.  However, by shifting to a higher level of consciousness, mass healing can begin.  But this…

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