HJ: There are many practices and techniques for awakening the Kundalini energy and those presented here are simply a starting point.  Those ready for advanced practices can find them in the book:

Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati (this comes with my highest recommendation)

It is suggested, and I fully support this, that in order to prepare the body and mind for the awakening of the kundalini more fully, that one practice basic hatha yoga for some time.  I would also add that having a regular meditation practice will only facilitate the process and help cultivate greater control of the mind, which will be useful as the kundalini energies rise.

– Truth

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How To Charge The Flow In The Nadis

The following exercises are for changing the flow from Ida to Pingala. Select any one of the methods that suits you best. for changing the flow from Pingala to Ida just do the same exercise on the opposite side.

Sunset : Pingala

1. Plug the left nostril with a small piece of cotton or fine cloth for a few minutes.

2. Lie down on the left side for ten mintues.

I personally do exercise one & two together

3. Sit erect. Draw the left knee up and keep the left heel near the left bottock. Now press the left arm-pit, Axilla, on the knee. In a few seconds the flow will be through the Pingala.

4. The flow of breath can be changed by Nauli Kriya also.

Sunrise : Ida

1. Plug the right nostril with a small piece of cotton or fine cloth for a few minutes.

2. Lie down on the right side for ten mintues.

I personally do exercise one & two together

3. Sit erect. Draw the right knee up and keep the right heel near the right bottock. Now press the right arm-pit, Axilla, on the knee. In a few seconds the flow will be through the Ida.

4. The flow of breath can be changed by Nauli Kriya also.

Please Note

The above exercises are intended for general regulation of breath.


Out of the innumerable Nadis 14 are said to be important

Sushumna Nadi, Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi, Gandhari Nadi, Hastajihva Nadi, Kuhu Nadi, Saraswati Nadi, Pusha Nadi, Sankhini Nadi, Payasvini Nadi, Varuni Nadi, Alambusha Nadi, Vishvodhara Nadi, Yasasvini Nadi

Preparation for kundalini activation

Fundamental practices for activation of Kundalini shakti:

Purification of the body with the aid of Neti, Dhyoti and Vasti. Practice of eight kinds of Pranayam (Yogic exercises). Practise essential mudras such as Mahamudra, Mahavedha, Mahabandh, Viparitakarani, Taran, Paridhan, Yuktichalan and Shaktichalani.

How To Raise Your Kundalini

If you continue to stay in the present moment, you will slowly dissolve the deepest of illusions our mind has been constantly re-creating about a true/false reality and start seeing The Reality of an ever-present energy of divine bliss in everyone and everything. If we buy into the illusions of the mind at any moment, the cosmic Kundalini falls back asleep. She will do this until we are completely present again to the Reality of Existence found only within the Here and Now.

Staying consciously awake in this eternal moment, the phenomena of psychic abilities, paranormal powers and magical manifesting capabilities will naturally begin to appear. She will give you the ability to attracting anything in the Universe you desire. Because you are merging with the Kundalini’s infinite power, the body will no longer have ANY experience of having mental, emotional or physical pain. The experience of being bathed in an ever-present Source of divine peace and awesome power will be your new way of living.

If you are open and willing to step into your destiny as a divine being of God, read on. Awakening this incredible power is a very delicate and gentle process. We are connecting with the greatest energy in the Universe. It is so powerful we need to be very tender with it, to allow it in.

When each of the seven major chakra centers in your body are ignited, you will step completely out of the time-bound world of the ordinary and into the most extraordinary super-natural realm of your being. The God and Goddess within you will become very apparent to all, and you will absolutely know without a doubt, the truly magical and all-powerful cosmic God-being you truly are. This is the ultimate goal of the human experience.

Meditation To Ignite Your Kundalini

Sitting on the floor with legs crossed, for the first 5-7 minutes relax every muscle and organ in your body. Imagine a golden white light is caressing you on the inside, releasing every concern, worry and tension you have.

Next, let your body gently undulate back and forth, in small circles, in mini figure eight’s, or in whatever ways that feel most natural, easy, effortless and sensually enjoyable. You can even move as you were having a very relaxing slow sexual experience sitting with a divine being. Let the rest of your body move and sway as it needs to.

Let each vertebrae in your entire spine (all the way up to your head) be affected by the undulating motion of your body. The energy is flowing up from the bottom to the top of your head. You can also imagine that your spine is as loose as seaweed on the ocean floor. It is so relaxed and at ease, going with wherever the ocean waves flow. This will loosen the Kundalini up so that she can rise completely out of the top of the head.

During this time, keep your attention on the energy between your sexual anatomy and the base of your spine. As you are undulating, breathe into this lower area deeply and slowly. Imagine a golden Lotus flower radiating rays of light is blossoming there.

With a devoted concentration, you will feel a warm or tingling energy along the base of your spine or higher. The more conscious and relaxing the experience is, the more the Kundalini will move and grow.

When you begin to feel a rising sensation of energy, stop the undulation and be completely still. Set the intention for your thoughts to slow down and eventually stop. Begin to relax into the stillness. Breathe slowly and deeply up to 5 minutes into your belly, without forcing it. You will notice that your body is breathing on its own. As you continue watching your belly breathe naturally, follow your breath, as it will take you deeper into the stillness.

When you are completely relaxed into the stillness, rest deeply inside. Relax into your spine that should be vertically straight and aligned yet deeply relaxed.

As there is absolutely no more tension in the body, imagine that a rainbow of energy is forming along the back of your spine and down the front of your body (see photo above for basic image). Each area or charka has a specific colored light associated with it. Please visualize the following colors for each area.

Red = Base
Orange = Sexual region
Yellow = Solar plexus
Green = Heart
Blue = Throat
Indigo = Forehead/ 3rd eye
Violet = Top of head
White/golden = Center of the top of the head aligned with the spine.

Depending on how tall you are, there will be between 3 and 8 quarter sized balls of light in each chakra region. As you place your attention a colored ball, it can ignite your whole body filling it with light.

Starting at the base of your spine, follow the center of your body going very slowly up the front to the top of the head, then down the neck, and back following the spine to make a complete rainbow circle. You may also start up the back and go down the front. Go in any direction that feels most natural for you. The quarter sized balls may grow or shrink in size and the colors can merge and fade into the lights next to them.

When you have made at least 10 rainbow circles around the body, imagine that a white/golden ball of light is forming at the center of the Earth, rising up in a column of light to the Earths surface, and entering the base of your spine.

Feel it slowly entering you. As it slowly ascends to the top of your head, allow it to flow out the Crown Chakra like a fountain. Let the energy cascade all over your body and bathe in the shower of this golden loving light. Allow it to penetrate every muscle, organ, and cell in your entire body, and purify your entire energy system!

Stay in the shower of golden light for as long as you can.

I recommend doing this golden showering for 10 minutes every day.

How is kundalini awakened through mantra yoga?

In mantra yoga the student is initiated by means of a mantra. If the kundalini is to be awakened by means of this yoga then it is essential that the guru gives consciousness or “chaitanya” to the mantra. This consciousness can be viewed as the cit-shakti-kundalini. Through repetition of the mantra the cit-shakti-kundalini of the mantra resonates with the cit-shakti-kundalini of the student and in this way the student’s kundalini is awakened. The reader may have noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of effort applied in this approach. This is true and in many ways this approach is more akin to Siddha Mahayoga in which the guru can use sound or “shabda” as the instrument of initiation.

Crystals & Gems Used In Rising Kundalini

Cuprite, Kundalini Quartz, Smoky Quartz , Selenite, Serpentine, Spinel, Stichtite.

Kundalini Exercise

Visual Exercise

Step One
I want you to get comfortable and relax.

Step Two
Now close your eyes and I want you to visualize the major chakras on your body they will look like small vortexs of energy spiraling around in a clockwise motion.

Step Three
Now focus your attention on the centre of these seven chakras and in your own time see the golden energy at the centre of these vortexs flow out into your physical body. some poeple feel the sensation that the body feels lighter as the energy flows forth. while others feel calm as the kundalini energy flows through the body. and as the energy flows through each part of the body feel your body relaxing.

Step Four
Let the energy move down into your feet, and feel the energy coming through into your hands. Feel the energy flowing out through the palms of your hands. Spend a few minutes feeling this energy flowing through your palms..

Step Five
when you are ready open your eyes.

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