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Kundalini Therapy: Understanding How Kundalini Energy Affects The Body, Mind and Spirit

HJ: It is important to note that kundalini energy does not in and of itself produce enlightenment.  It is rather a symptom of the raising of ones consciousness and the subsequent healing of…


Meditation for Cultivating Prosperity and Abundance (Video)

HJ: Prosperity, or lack thereof, is more related to personal beliefs about self worth and abundance than about money itself.  Self worth and abundance issues physically correspond to the lower three chakras and…


Powerful Ancient Yogic Breathing Technique for Awakening Your Kundalini Energy

HJ: I would like to offer these insights to those interested in awakening the kundalini energies in their body, as I have observed that there is much confusion and misunderstanding around this topic….


How Kundalini Activation Makes You Smarter

HJ: Many amazing things have been attributed to the awakening of kundalini, which are for the most part true in cases of authentic awakening.  Now science is venturing into the realm of metaphysical…


The Role of the Spine in Higher Consciousness and Health: Bridging Heaven and Earth in the Human Body

HJ: Did you know that the spine is the main communication pathway in the body, containing many nerve corridors that transmit information from the brain out to the limbs and extremities? It is…


The Yoga of Waking Up: Start Your Day With These 4 Quick, Powerful Poses

HJ: Taking a few minutes to stretch the body and mind before we begin our day lays an incredible foundation for increased awareness, presence and peace in our daily activities.  Through this simple,…


5 Simple Techniques For Clearing the Third Chakra

HJ: The third Chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness as it is the final and most powerful of the lower three Chakras.  Most people incarnated at this time have many issues around…


How to Work With Kundalini Energy – Part 2: Practices and Methods

HJ: There are many practices and techniques for awakening the Kundalini energy and those presented here are simply a starting point.  Those ready for advanced practices can find them in the book: Kundalini…


How to Work With Kundalini Energy – Part 1

HJ:  Anyone who has spent any time researching and studying Kundalini energy tends to become enamored with the quest to access and kindle it within themselves.  This elusive, mysterious life force seems to…

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Children of the Sun: The Equinox Superwave

By Children of the Sun Foundation Cosmic Superwave Sweeping Over Us With our collective kundalini on the rise, the timing could not be more perfect for the arrival of the Equinox and the…

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