A Revolution in Consciousness

HJ: Owen K Waters brilliantly illustrates the 80-20 rule and how it relates to lightworkers and the coming unfolding revolution in consciousness.  Many wonder whether their efforts are significant and if they truly make any difference in the grand scheme of things.  The answer: absolutely.  Such is the nature of the universe, that we are at once both insignificant and indispensable. A seeming paradox, but ultimately true on every level.  The battle for the future of humanity is won in the hearts and minds of individuals.  It is critical that you realize just how important you are to the overall picture.  Your actions and thoughts affect many whether you consciously realize it or not.

And so it is, that the most potent thing you can do to raise the consciousness of the planet, is focusing on raising and developing your own consciousness and spirituality.  In doing so you will invariably begin to positively influence the world around you.  As many begin to wake up to this reality, a veritable sea change can occur very quickly.  In fact, as Waters states in the article below, only 20% of the planet need awaken to irrefutably and permanently influence the rest that may still be asleep.

The point here is to not underestimate your power.  Do not become disillusioned and jaded!  Every last lightworker and conscious individual is needed at this time and your efforts do indeed make a difference beyond your wildest dreams.  Take this site, for instance.  Everyday 1000’s of people visit and raise their consciousness bit by bit and so it is a powerful force for change on this planet.  I only started this site because I began to work on myself spiritually and continued to grow in consciousness despite all odds.  However, my story is not unique.  Everyone possesses innate talents that can change the world when made manifest.  All one need do is step into their true power.  One person can change the world — look at Ghandi, Jesus, the Buddha, Krishanmurti, etc…  the list goes on.  We all have that potential and its time to start living up to it.

– Truth

The Helping Heart

by Owen K Waters | Infinite Being


As you know, we are in the midst of a revolution in consciousness which is affecting everyone. The 80-20 rule states that 80% of any change is typically caused by 20% of the people. The 20% consists of the leading thinkers of the day, the trendsetters in consciousness.

In spiritual matters, leading-edge people are sometimes called lightworkers or old souls, indicating that they have learned more from their experiences through many incarnations. This advanced learning is stored as wisdom in their souls and they benefit from it consciously through intuitive inner guidance. The term ‘lightworker’ is synonymous with ‘spiritual seeker.’ You may or may not think of yourself a lightworker but, if you’re reading material like this, then you fit the definition perfectly.

Today’s leading-edge thinkers planned ahead to be incarnate at this time in history to help make the essential positive changes in the world possible. Sociologists have now begun to recognize them as a major cultural group. A survey in the 1990’s by researchers Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson found that 26 percent of American adults had become what they termed Cultural Creatives. Over fifty million Americans now fit the definition of a newly emerging type of humanity that has made a comprehensive upward shift in worldview, values and way of life. In Europe, a 1997 survey conducted in fifteen European countries showed figures that are very similar to the United States.

So, in a societal setting, the term ‘leading-edge thinker’ actually applies to more than 20% of the people today. Oddly enough, the researchers noted, most of them don’t think of themselves as leading edge, nor do they typically realize how many other people are just like them.

The two categories of Cultural Creatives identified by Ray and Anderson fit exactly into the consciousness patterns of lower and upper fourth density. Note that, while our physical bodies are currently located in upper third density, our minds are free to soar through heart-centered fourth density and into fifth-density soul consciousness.

When a person moves from the third-density function of developing basic intellect into lower fourth density, their worldview expands and they become more aware of the needs of the greater community. They take into account the local and global effects of their own actions and the actions of others that they support. Environmental concerns, organic food, and peace-making concerns all come under this frequency band of consciousness.

While third-density consciousness produced ambitious individuals, the emerging fourth-density standard adds on the idea that the good of the many outweighs any self-centered ambitions of the few. The emerging new standard requires that actions include a degree of service to others rather than the old standard, which was blind ambition for growth simply for the objective of growth, regardless of what such actions might take away from others. This sense of societal awareness and responsibility is a function of today’s lower fourth-density consciousness.

The next step, as outlined in my book,

‘The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness,’

occurs when people move from lower to upper fourth-density consciousness. This can be referred to as a passing through the gateway of the heart. It brings them into the first level of spiritual awareness, where they become more concerned with inner development and enlightenment.

Leading thinkers are simply people whose normal frequency of consciousness is higher than the current average. The higher your frequency, the greater your awareness and the greater your ability to lead change by showing others how to resolve the challenges in life by raising their own consciousness.

The spiritual, heart-centered consciousness of upper fourth density brings with it the desire to help and heal others. It is this desire, fueled by the unconditional love energy that flows throughout this universe, which leads you to the most powerful, balanced method of spiritual development in existence today.

This method might at first seem to be a paradox when you realize that the secret to your own rapid spiritual growth is not what you do to develop yourself that counts, but what you do to help others. Spiritual service to others brings an immediate reflection from the karmic mirror of life and you advance automatically in a balanced and graceful manner.

Spiritual development comes as the karmic reaction from helping others in spiritual ways. Helping them to understand the spiritual nature of reality is a first step. Helping them to understand the metaphysical laws of the universe is another step. Helping them to learn how to routinely raise their consciousness by going within for reflection is a vital step.

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  1. Thank you. It’s nice to be recognized. Right on time as we prepare ourSelves to “work”. The announcement was made, we mever know dates, we just do our purpose with whole heart. When the announcement came last year, we prepared as told, then came H. Sandy, it was months after. This is the calm before the storm where many of us step back and condition our own Selves for the coming days, whenever that may be.

    So, this article comes in just time. It’s eases those of us o are eager to do more effective hands-on work here. I enjoy working in other dimension-timelines, but I also eager to experience some more collective positive changes here, that we experience in other timelines. Of course, aall will be in just time. Thank you. Bless

  2. i like most of what you said–sounds pretty encouraging–however, you are so wrong about 4th dimension–any dimension can be heart centered-depending on the spirit’s and soul’s trip–but the lower fourth is where Zeta grays, vampires, werewolves, big foot, etc. live-and not necessarily heart centered as well. In fact, anyone operating on 7 th dimension-the etheric realm or below can be a service to self dark being… and there is such a thing as negative ascension. 4th dimension is the astral realm of the imagination, 5th dimension is the emotional realm, 6th dimension is the mental realm, 7th dimension the etheric realm of the sub and unconscious. The eight dimension and above are the positive realms-and up into the God realms…and souls live on all those dimensions–it is only our awareness that is lacking.

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