Your Perception of the Ascension Defines It’s Effects in Your Life

HJ: The concept being explained here is quite simple, really.  Our perception defines our reality.  If you believe something to be so, it is so.  So if you believe that the Ascension has occurred and the world around you is changing rapidly and profoundly, it is so.  And vice versa, if you believe that nothing has happened and that it was all a big scam, then it is so.  These two realities can and do exist simultaneously, just as dimensions overlap and exist in the same time-space, without necessarily being perceptible.  What is important to note here, is that these beliefs are affected greatly by momentum.  This means that it is not enough to make a purely mental choice off the cuff and expect your reality to transform around you instantly.  This is usually the conscious monkey mind attempting to grasp a concept much deeper than that.  In order to shift your reality and hence, your timeline, you must fundamentally alter your belief structure, which is inevitably accompanied by a deep spiritual shift.  This can occur suddenly and rapidly when one has a deep, profound revelation triggered by any number of events.  Or this can happen gradually, with mental discipline over the course of days, weeks, months or even years, depending on the tenacity with which one approaches the process.

Simply ‘thinking’ you have changed your perceptions, while still maintaining doubt and disbelief at subconscious levels will sabotage your efforts and perhaps lead to even greater doubt and disbelief.  You must truly be open at all levels to this change in perspective and paradigm for it to be so.  You can set the stage for this by surrendering to the larger forces at work in this universe.  By being brutally honest about your intentions and accepting that all is not always as it seems, you can begin to unravel the belief structures that keep you locked into specific timelines and realities.  The firmer your belief on any given topic, the more strongly you are locked into that reality and the associated timelines.  If that is a reality/timeline you are happy with, then so be it, and all is well.  However, if you desire to be able to rapidly slip between timelines/realities and obtain rapid spiritual advancement, you must be willing to suspend belief at the drop of the hat and always be open to new information and perspective, with an inquisitive, critical eye, of course.  The irony of the situation is this:  Those who know the least, claim to know the most and those who know the most, claim to know the least.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

Thank you, Awareness.  I have another question.  Would Cosmic Awareness please discuss and/or offer information concerning those who do not feel they have ascended, probably because perhaps they did not personally experience the wave but were aware of it through their imagination, yet actually did not physically experience it?

The first thing this Awareness would say is: “why is it that this individual insists he did not experience it if he can remember the imagining of it?”  For it is an event that one could say happened in the imagination first and foremost, and that even though he came back through the Veil of Forgetfulness into a physical body, a physical state of being, still he did have the experience he imagined.

Many would degrade imagination to a futile act with no meaning, but it is imagination that is the very core of that power to effect change.  If one cannot imagine something one cannot create that, for if one has no imagination one simply would not exist.  It takes imagination to simply exist on this third dimensional physical planet but this is often misunderstood.  This Awareness says that this individual in imagining it did plant the seeds for the new reality that is forming around him.  In this he must be patient for he is of a critical mind and his critical mind is still of the opinion that he must see the physical change immediately, and not realize that in his imagination, in that interior experience which he had outside of time as known on this planet, that artificial construction of time that is followed by humanity, that it has no relevancy.

The experience was one on the inner plane and in the eternal moment and Now in the third dimensional reflection of Spirit it is acting itself out slowly.  This is part of the vibration or frequency of 3rd dimensionality.  All is slowed down in comparison to the speed of thought and the speed of imagination that occurs outside of the framework of temporal time.  He needs now to understand that he has to have patience here, he has to have understanding here, he has to have imagination here to support that which was imagined in that split second of eternal Now.

As he realizes that everything is still unfolding, that he needs his patience and his ability to stay focused and stay balanced to the changes that are occurring, he will notice more and more change.  Many are unfortunately having an experience where they have had an internalized event in the moment of the Now outside of the jurisdiction of time.  They have come back into a physical condition, back into temporal time, where they have crossed the Veil of Forgetfulness once more and are in their physical realities.

They then see nothing has happened because they have put themselves back into a situation where things unfold so slowly.  What then occurs is that they put the cart before the horse, they look to their external surroundings, their external environment and because nothing seems to have changed in that environment, dismiss that which occurred on the internal frame of reference, that which was the experience of the divine moment, the divine reflection as they stood in the Essence of the God consciousness.

In that instant they knew themselves, they knew what they still needed to experience. Decisions were made.  Those decisions need to now be carried out, for this is the long extended Now that they have returned into.  They are in the midst of their decision and it is still crucial to be positive on this matter, to hold that something happened, for there are changes occurring slowly around them.

But if the cart is put before the horse and if the cart is the standard by which they will determine something happened or something did not, then they will be disappointed, for apparently because the cart is not moving nothing happened.  They are seeking external evidence for internal truth instead of going within and realizing that through the imagination, through the higher facet of 5th dimensional consciousness, they are in the process of creating change.  They need to put the horse in front of the cart and it will slowly start to move and changes will come.

But as long as they believe that changes must be their first evidence of the event there first, they are not creating from within through their imagination for it is now a situation where they are saying this or that must happen before I believe that change is occurring, that the shift has occurred, Ascension taken place.  Instead of saying I believe that change and shift and Ascension has occurred in that inner level of my being, I can feel it, I can sense it, I can imagine it, and in this manner when they come from the internal and choose to become creator beings they will start to create the change that they are looking for, were looking for upon their return.

This is the subtle difference between those who have had an internalized experience that they remembered or partially remembered or sensed within themselves, versus those who are looking outside of themselves for evidence of this event.  If those who look outside truly accept and take the leap of faith that something did happen and they will allow this to manifest itself over the days and weeks and months ahead, they will start indeed to see the evidence in that which is the exterior of their perception, the external world, start to occur more and more.

Already there is evidence of certain changes in the political structures of the leadership around the world.  There are certain individual leaders who are in deep distress and in problem. Chavez of Venezuela is battling cancer, there are rumors of Hillary Clinton having blood clots and brain cancer.


The birth certificate of President Barack Obama has been officially refuted by the head registrar in certification of birth in Honolulu.  This would have amazing ramification if it truly comes out and the president and his right and power to be president is questioned.  These are simple small events that are starting to appear and that there will be many more as many begin to realize and understand they cannot look to the outside world to validate their reality, for their reality begins within themselves, within their imagination, within their acceptance that they as creator beings are creating the world that they see reflected around them and not the other way around.  Is this clear?

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  1. This “awareness” makes no sense. It’s pseudopostive material. Obama is not in the same camp with Hilary, this is just nonsense. Chavez is anti cabal, how is him getting sick going to improve anything?

    This “awareness” is constantly proven wrong. Start with its 2012 “forecast”, then read again the material about the events that would cause “shock and awe” in October-November and the latest nonsense about the portals and the planets a b.

    It’s just isn’t reliable.

  2. Thank you………..

  3. Will CA kindly let the readers and the whole world know who are in fact the people who runs the cabal ? I’m talking about the people who set up the Freemasons / the Skulls & Crossbones ( from where the President of US is pre-selected ) and the bosses of Rothschilds & Rockefellers and the same people who control the United Nations ? These are the same people who effectively own the currencies of 194 countries.

    Namaste !

  4. I agree with some parts of the following comment:This “awareness” makes no sense. It’s pseudopostive material. Obama is not in the same camp with Hilary, this is just nonsense. Chavez is anti cabal, how is him getting sick going to improve anything?

  5. ‘Chavez is anti cabal, how is him getting sick going to improve anything?’ <– Please go and ask any citizen from Venezuela if they think Chavez belongs in the group of the Light and Love oriented individuals. Just check what they have to say.

  6. Cosmic Awareness speaks from a perspective that has no time or relative space that we refer to. Awareness is merely speaking of what we can create and thus manifest. It seems as if you have missed the entire point of what Awareness stated, which is that you MUST look within for any kind of Change to occur, not to Awareness or to the Leaders. Be it for yourselves or others or the entire universe we share. Awareness is not here to control or tell of the set in stone future, we create every moment we think and choose. Yes, we do make agreements and decisions before we are born and receive the Veil, but we are still within a Free Will zone that allows one to choose not to remember their true path(s) if that is how it unfolded. All must feel and be mindful of where our comments are coming from; fear and doubt or Love and proactivity? Be Mindful! Be Mindful! Be Mindful!

  7. Carmen, i will also go to Miami and ask what people think about Fidel.

    Can you wake up and see behind the brainwashing?

    Nicole, i don’t think that a channel that is constantly proven wrong deserves my appreciation. Where are the 3 days of amnesia?
    Same goes for Matthew, Salusa and others. Im not happy with disinfo mixed with truths. I no longer trust them.

  8. To HJ / ADMIN / TRUTH:

    Just wanted to express appreciation for your well timed and highly supportive comments here in this post.

    As I myself, have been receiving much of what you have stated.

    One of the primary issues many, many students / clients have been experiencing ( in my present interactions ) is where you have stated:”Simply ‘thinking’ you have changed your perceptions, while still maintaining doubt and disbelief at subconscious levels will sabotage your efforts and perhaps lead to even greater doubt and disbelief. You must truly be open at all levels to this change in perspective and paradigm for it to be so. ”

    Most individuals whom I have come across in this world have little, if any, understanding or training in the mechanics of the higher mind-scape and inner psyche.

    Knowing the difference between one’s thinking ( projections ) and one’s automatic responses ( unconscious beliefs ) is one of the most challenging aspects of learning for most individuals. (As I perceive it).

    Maybe, and this is merely a suggestion, you could post a few messages that target this empowering skill?

    Keep up the good work…as there are many, many who are still confused and lost in their perceptions and understandings regarding the ascension experience in this new A / B reality.

    Your work and efforts have been validated in one of my latest Awareness ( channeled ) sessions. Which came about as I was leaving the trance state.

    Your own energies have been clearly identified ( during this channeled session ) as…an entity of high universal energy connections ( that being, a strong individual connection and awareness to Cosmic Awareness / God Consciousness), that being, you appear to be a fellow servant of Awareness or Minister of Awareness. ( which is the labels Awareness has given in past readings).

    We all support and appreciate you and your efforts, HJ.

    With respect


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