Setting the Foundation For 2013 With Spiritual Cleansing

HJ:  There are many ways to engage in spiritual cleansing.  One can meditate, pray, use metaphysical techniques, crystals, incense… the list is endless.  While some techniques are certainly more involved and powerful than others, they all are effective to varying degrees.  It is important, especially at the beginning of the new year or any major cycle, to engage in some form of spiritual cleansing.  The fact is that old energies, entities, spirits and thoughts are constantly attaching themselves to us, although the level at which this occurs varies depending on your level of spiritual awareness, advancement and the frequency with which you engage in spiritual cleansing.  Those who do not cleanse themselves regularly and are not aware at this level often times carry enormous energetic baggage that is holding them back and often times manipulating them in a number of ways.  For this reason it is important to regularly engage in spiritual cleansing to keep your aura and field energetically clear.

I recommend doing so daily.  However, whatever works for you is fine, so long as it is done in regular intervals.  It really is amazing how much lighter you feel and what a different it makes in your thought processes and mood when you engage in spiritual cleansing regularly.  I find it to be quite a positive experience to the point where I look forward to doing it whenever possible.

Tina McNaughton outlines some excellent methods for cleansing yourself in her excellent article below.

– Truth


By Tina McNaughton | BelleSprit

This month we will be looking at the subject of spiritual clutter clearing and cleansing your environment. Cleansing your environment and clearing your clutter is a powerful way to start the New Year and make room for the fresh energy of new beginnings.

A true spiritual cleansing and renewal exercise is essentially a process of ‘letting go’ of your past.

This can be done in a great many ways and utilizing a wide range of therapies and tools. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Theta Healing amongst others are all recent developments in the energy field therapies that can be used to aid a process of ‘letting go’.

However, some of the traditional ways that have been used over the years are harnessing the power of prayer, ritual and the aid of psychotherapists and counsellors.

Spiritual Cleansing is essentially a process of calling for and fully intending to make peace with your past on all levels and with your heart and soul. This normally also calls for a change in your thought patterns and belief systems.

Below is a meditation for releasing the past and embracing the present. Sit comfortably with your feet making contact with the floor. Before you start you may want to light a candle, take the phone off the hook, put on some gentle background music and have your notebook or journal to hand to record your experiences after the meditation.

Read the rest of the article here: BelleSprit

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