DL Zeta: Unconditional Love Shifts us to Timelines of Peace and Prosperity

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision

As we move closer to the December solstice, we will find our success and fulfillment based more than ever before upon our degree of alignment with the frequency of love. Love is the most powerful vibration in the universe. Love holds the power to heal and transform us. Love is an energy that is always with us, guiding us and helping us find our way here on Earth. It is love that leads us to discover who we are and why we’re here. As we awaken to our spiritual identity, love helps us hone our gifts and share them with others.

Releasing the Filters we Place on Love

Our relationship with love is not complicated, yet this connection can be distorted in third-dimensional reality. If we place conditions on love, we place a filter on the flow of love into our lives. This filter sets conditions and definitions on love. One person may not feel loved unless they have a large bank account, while another may only be able to love themselves if they look a certain way or are able to achieve a certain level of worldly success. Some filters screen who we are able to love or be loved by.

Those who place conditions on love often complain about the lack of love in their lives. Those who love unconditionally – no matter what – rarely, if ever, complain about a lack of love in their life. They’re too busy loving and being loved in return.

Nurturing the Spark of Unconditional Love in our Lives

We’re in a time when the universe is asking each person to align completely with the frequency of unconditional love. Many new challenges and opportunities lie ahead. The conscious mind won’t necessarily know how to navigate this transition, but there are other parts of our consciousness that know perfectly the way ahead. These parts of ourselves exist on the frequency of unconditional love. This spark of universal love exists within all of us. We can amplify and expand this spark by sending it love and asking it to guide us through this new time. Everyone chooses whether to expand and nurture this spark or to shove it down.

Tethering our Dreams to the Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Unconditional love is aligned with universal law so when we align with love, we are tethering our dreams to the most powerful force in the universe. The parts of us that know universal love will allow us to see our world through their eyes. When we choose to see the world through the eyes of love we are transformed in that moment. Love sees every moment of our lives – past, present and future – as perfect and divine. Love sees each person as the eyes, ears, hands, feet and voice of our higher self here on Earth. Love holds a space for us to awaken to our true spiritual identity.

Receiving the Blessing and Gift of Everything in Our Lives

Everything that happens in our lives is helping us remember who we are. When we align completely with unconditional love, we’re able to receive the blessing and the gift of everything in our lives. We are able to see how others love us so much at the soul level that they agreed to play difficult roles in our lives. Those who have triggered in us the greatest pain are our greatest teachers. These souls created soul contracts with us to help us with our most powerful lessons.

As we look at everything through the eyes of love we’re able to experience gratitude and love for every moment. When we see challenges through the lens of love, we trust that the universe only brings us the situations that help us progress along the path of self-understanding. When we choose to see everything and everyone in our lives through the lens of unconditional love, we’re able to accept the gifts and blessings of every situation.

Releasing Limitations Allows us to Take Quantum Steps

This frees us from the quagmire of past regrets and resentments, which uses up tremendous amounts of energy. Regrets and resentments are the stuff of true limitations. If we have been holding energy around events of the past, this energy is suddenly freed when we shift to the frequency of unconditional love, allowing us to take quantum steps on our spiritual path.

Often, when a person experiencing health challenges enters remission, it is because they have shifted to the frequency of unconditional love. All great breakthroughs in science and art exist on the frequency of unconditional love. Much information and knowledge comes to us when we shift to the frequency of unconditional love. This is because all that has been held for us in our “universal escrow account” suddenly flows into our lives. This includes guidance we have not yet received, resources, relationships, inspiration, creativity, ideas and insights. We will see our highest visions manifest when we shift to the frequency of unconditional love because all barriers, blocks, lower vibrations and limitations have been released. The only true blocks are those that stand in the way of our experiencing unconditional love.

Preparing for the Ultimate Cosmic Test

When we decide to shift to the frequency of unconditional love, we will receive the ultimate test – an event or series of events that manifest to test this decision. We can think of this as the universe helping us test and strengthen our decision to exist on the frequency of love. We can also see these tests as old energies spiraling out of our experience. Due to the “lag time” between creating in consciousness and manifesting on the earth plane, those things we seeded prior to our shift may still manifest in our reality. These lower frequency creations may still show up in our lives because they were incubating in consciousness and prepared to manifest prior to our shift to a higher frequency.


Loving Unconditionally without Expectations

As a result, it sometimes happens that we see lower-frequency situations showing up after we shift to unconditional love. If we make the shift to love with expectations of what it will get for us, we might be tempted to believe that love does not work for us. Some might give up, saying even love does not help transform the circumstances of our life. This would be a misunderstanding. In order to make the shift, it is important to align with unconditional love no matter what so if old energies show up they do not deter or discourage us. Once we have shifted to the frequency of unconditional love, we will shift to timelines of love, peace and prosperity, and this will allow us to move seemlessly into the new time on planet Earth.

For more on timeline shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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