Balancing the Heart Chakra


By Sandra Smith | Bellesprit

The Heart Chakra is the 4th chakra, located right in the very center of the entire chakra system, which is represented by the colors green and pink.  The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Anahata Chakra, which actually means unstruck. Within the Heart is a deep and vivid feeling of love, where all of our emotions and yearnings are expressed.  We attune ourselves from here with the cosmic vibrations and are then able to perceive the beauty found in everything.  The Heart is where all images, words and sounds are transformed into our feelings.  When the Heart is fully opened it creates a center of “unconditional” love.

It’s true, when any of the seven chakras are not functioning well they lose that life-force energy that is so vital to each of us.  The Heart Chakra is the most important chakra. When it’s balanced it serves as a powerful energetic link to the six remaining chakras, three chakras above and three chakras below.

Do you realize that each of us possess the potential to heal ourselves as well as others with our Heart Chakra?  All you have to do is send the area of the body your loving attention and it has the potential to create a spontaneous healing or a transforming influence.  Energy workers use this method often to send healings to others.

For centuries spiritual schools in the East have taught students the importance of an opened Heart Chakra. It also plays an important role in refining an open Third Eye. There is a direct association with love, trust, compassion, equilibrium, well-being and higher emotions.

What will you feel physically if your Heart Chakra is not functioning well?  You may experience problems with your heart, lungs, breast, thymus gland, arms or your immune system.  Your behavior can also be affected and you may experience jealousy, being critical, lonely, depressed, fear of intimacy and you could find yourself becoming more demanding.  Stress and the lack of giving and receiving enough love can cause real problems within this chakra.

Sometimes just changing your perception of experiences you have had that left imprints on your heart, holding you back from giving and receiving love fully, may help. You know, change your story so that you can change your life.  We can all relate – doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results just don’t work.

How can I get my Heart Chakra opened?  A good healing approach to obtain an open Heart Chakra is to practice simple breathing exercises. Try breathing in love while visualizing the color green or pink and breathing out all of those emotions that caused you anxiety and pain while visualizing the color black or gray on the exhale.  Let the beautiful color of love surround your heart and feel it as it slowly fills your entire body.   Meditation is a wonderful tool to assist in letting go and allowing self-love and forgiveness as you are working toward opening your Heart Chakra.  You have to love yourself before you can love others.

If you would like do an exercise to help you feel this vibration sit with a loved one or a close friend, with closed eyes facing each other while both concentrating on sending unconditional love to each other for a few minutes.  The more you practice the easier it will be to actually feel this and the more open your heart will become.  You might feel warmth in your chest or an obvious vibration. Like meditation, it takes practice so don’t give up.  I have to share a funny story about this exercise. When I was in a group and the person teaching this method wanted us to practice this exercise she said close your eyes and think of sending love to your partner. Not knowing she meant for me to do this thinking of the person next to me. I was trying to send love to my partner, my husband, who I’m sure was in his chair watching television at home, clueless of what was going on.  Imagine my embarrassment when I realized my class partner felt nothing from my attempt at sending love.


The vibration of an open Heart Chakra is amazing!  Once you experience this feeling you will never want to lose it.  You will begin to feel more confident and content; you will be happier and find that you suffer with fewer illnesses. Others will respond to you differently and you to them.  Your life will open in so many ways and you will find that manifesting what you want will become much easier.

I’m wishing a happy, balanced heart to each of you.

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  1. When I wear a wuartz crystal in my head band I feel warmth iny heart what does that mean?

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