Gaia: Words of Wisdom For December 2012

Gaia via Kate Oster | The Integration Age

Hello, my dear ones…

Many of sleepless nights will be had this month… not out of fear or anxiety or insomnia… but because of the intense energies that are being sent through this planet right now. For some, it may be uncomfortable, but for most, it will feel natural. As natural as your own heartbeat.


Can you feel my heartbeat dancing with every cell inside of you? The reverberating pulses of my love and support? With every ounce of blood that pulses through your veins, I am there, breathing into them life and sustenance. Whenever you forget who you are and where you are going, tap into that steady heartbeat, and know that I will never leave you. My body and my soul are inextricably linked to yours.
Many of you will be dealing with (what seem like) extreme hardships at this time: financially, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually…
Just know that this is important for your growth at this time. Grace is the lesson of December. Approaching hardship with grace and understanding is the most challenging task you may face.

I challenge you to laugh in the face of danger (without being too foolish), smile when the world is frowning, and dance when everyone around you is too tired to move.

Call upon me when you need a dance partner; it is important to move your heart and body at this time.

In listening to music that moves you, in participating in activities that feed your soul, in moving your body to the beat of a drum, you will wring out all of the toxins that inhibit your truest expression.
Walk outside. Place your feet on the Earth. Even if it is for a moment. And if someone asks you what you are doing, tell them that you are connecting with me. Smile, enjoy, soak up the energy. There is no need to be ashamed over my love for you. I am ready and open to give and receive love.

I love you, dear children. Write to me when you can, speak to me when you can, sing to me when you can.

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