Aisha North: Your Impatience Towards Ascension is a Sign of Your Strength

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 228)

Tension is starting to mount in so many of you at the moment, and the reason for this is simple indeed. Your very core is almost roaring with frustration because it is longing to tear itself free from any restraints that are holding you back from thrusting yourself headlong into this immense project of immeasurable importance. You see, although you have all started to build the foundation for your new world, you know deep in your heart of hearts that your contribution to all of this will be so much larger than the one you are currently immersed in. Hence, the growing feeling of impatience in so many of you. This is only normal, because you see that your gifts are sorely needed, so the frustration of being held back as it were is only getting more and more pressing for so many of you. Again, this is only to be expected, but it is also something that needs to be endured, as you all are being kept in check with good reason. Let us explain.

All of this impatience is not anything negative, far from it, but it will feel so to any one of you feeling almost compressed by this need to literally spread out and tackle the challenges you see around you. But you must wait a bit longer before you can start to shine your true colours in earnest, and as always, the reason for this is the same: timing. We have talked about this issue before, so this will be a repetitious message to so many, but we will risk annoying you even further by saying it again. As you know so well by now, this is indeed a very complex and complicated process you are all taking part in, and even if you already by your prowess have speeded up the proceedings considerably, there is a carefully set sequence of events that needs to unfold at the right moment in order for all of this to go as planned. So yes, that dreaded word ”soon” will once again rear its head in these missives, as it is only a matter of time before you can unleash all of your powers into this process of rebuilding and redefining your world.

Time is of the essence, is an old adage many of you are familiar with. Let us rephrase that into ”time IS the essence” here, as what you are using as your instrument in this carefully planned process is indeed time, time in all of its connotation and all of its nuances. Time is as you know a very malleable and powerful source of energy on our side of the veil, and it will become more and more so on your side of the veil too. But as usual, this will be give in increments lest you should all drown if you overestimate your ”swimming abilities” and step too far out into the deep before you are fully prepared to do so. In other words, this plan is steadily unfolding according to the blueprints set up ahead, and there are a multitude of steps that needs to be taken before everything reaches 100% speed and power. So again, you must curb your impatience, or rather, accept it as a ”constant companion” for a little while longer.


And know that this impatience is nothing but a sign of your true powers slowly but surely stepping up and out into the open. And in a very short time indeed, you will be able to let it all out, and then, you will all revel in the joy of being creators in every sense of the word. Until then, know that you are already creating to the fullest of your abilities, that is, to the fullest of your current abilities. But know also that it is not you who are holding yourselves back, it is us, because we know what it takes to be standing in the full force of your light. And so, we will hold you all back until it is time for you to do so. Because then, and only then, will you all have the ability to wield this power of your light in a way that will not be detrimental to yourselves. This is in no way any criticism or rebuke of any of you. It is only a temporary measure to ensure that you all get through this amping up process unharmed and unfazed by what you are about to step into. For even if you are all magnificent already, it is nothing compared to the brilliance you are destined for.

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  1. This article suggests we are all on ten same vibratory level with the frequent use of “all.” Are we? Will all be ready when the “time” comes?

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