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The Group via Steve Rother |

This day has created a new vibration. You are all acclimating yourself to it in a new way, for you have opportunities that you have not had before. It is an opportunity for you to change your perceptions, to shift your energy and look at things differently. You all seem to be healers in some way, and most of you have helped others to go back and find the origin of their problems. It is very simple, dear ones. Most of your experiences happen first in childhood or even in adolescence, as it is very easy to scar a human psyche when you are young because you are getting to know yourself. Many of you have discovered ways of returning to what your original intent was during those times of misdirection. Why would you misdirect yourself? Why would anyone do so? Certainly it is not done intentionally. Misdirection often happens with knowledge. For instance,  you see an open door and the handle looks very inviting. So, you push the door open further, simply step in and say, “This feels good for now. I will go forward.” Well, humans are adapters. You step into something new and rather than say, “Eww, this does not feel good,” you adapt yourselves and soon you are adjusting everything around you. You say, “Okay, I moved this over here and that over there, so now it feels comfortable.” What you do not always realize is that sometimes it takes a tremendous amount of your energy to play this game, which makes it more difficult in many aspects.


So, what would it take for you to return to the perceptions you held when you were a child? What would it take to re-member? Of course, your life has changed and you have evolved greatly since then. We do not expect you to go back to who you were as a child or even pretend to be that again. You now have an opportunity to re-member what your perception was when you took that original sidestep, the first time that you opened a new door and decided to go through it. Suddenly you find yourself way down the hallway very invested in your journey and your travel. You are far too invested to turn around and go back, and so you are adapting everything. “Oh, this is not what I expected, so I will adapt and harmonize it.” Well, you are getting very good at that. Now, what about re-membering where you were originally going and your original intent? That is one of the key pieces that will help all of you to return to this. You are the greatest beings that have ever walked the Earth. Never doubt that. You can turn around and see behind you the generations that have gone before you, even within your own family. You can see how the vibrational levels have risen over all of humanity as you have evolved. It is grand indeed. It is beyond your understanding that we always celebrate your evolution on the other side. We are excited to watch as you evolve to where you can actually perceive us without the channels and hear us all in your own heart. That is coming for each and every one of you…doubt it not. It is absolutely what you have asked for and there is only one answer to what god asked for – and so it is. It is very simple. Whatever it is that you decide, you harmonize what is out there and it is created in a new way.

Now that I have laid out the basics for you, I would like to take you a little further into the field that you call quantum mechanics or quantum physics.  Quantum physics is simply the understanding of the inner workings inside of the atom – the smaller pieces of your universe, if you will.  The Unified Field Theory holds that all the things which act within the atom also act throughout the universe, and the rules are basically the same. Although everyone knows the unified field exists, none have actually been able to prove it thus far. It would have been Einstein’s greatest achievement had he stuck around long enough, but he left a little early. It was Einstein’s dream to prove that theory, for he knew in his heart in his heart it was true. Yes, the Theory of Relativity was leaning in that direction and opening the door to it, but he did not complete his work. Others are completing his work now and it will be helpful to know that humanity will prove the unified field after all. However, to do so you must understand more of your own existence in the time line. Most of you still do not quite understand quantum mechanics or how it works, so let me share with you a simple illustration.

The Reality Filter

You are currently looking at the Keeper (Steve Rother) on stage. You are seeing flowers, a table and yes, his iced tea, which you are not supposed to see so I will put it over there. Because you see everything that you perceive in your world, so you believe that all the atoms are in arrangement to give you that view. That is what you know to be reality.  However, there is so much more going on here at this moment. There are many realities existing within the same space at the same time that each of you filter out. You are only seeing less than a tenth of the energy movement that is on this stage at any one time. So, why would you need to know that? How could you possibly use that? Let us explain.

Much like a television set, you would find a program or a channel – oh yes, we really love that word channel. Back in the day when the Keeper was first using it, it was a rather scary word but today it is very comfortable. The Keeper would turn on his television set and find the channel he wanted to watch. Soon he would get bored and would change the channel, much to the dismay of the others watching the same television. In that moment he would think nothing of changing everyone’s reality.  In fact, you became rather comfortable that you could change realities very, very quickly, did you not? What an interesting process! Actually, that entire invention was dropped in your world so you could become comfortable shifting your reality. You have been in a multidimensional world all along; you have been living in up to 12 dimensions, 11 of which are identical in most ways. You vary less than less than 1 percent of yourself from dimension to dimension. Eleven of those dimensions are active and one dimension, which we simply call the 12th or the higher self, ties the others together as one and also keeps them in constant communication with Home.

The Unobserved Actions of God

Those are the 12 dimensions humanity exists within. When a human opens his or her eyes and perceives something, their eyes send out a message that means, “Everyone, you are being watched.” In that moment, the atoms arrange themselves to what you are expecting to see. “Now how could that be? Do I think that I am god and that all of these atoms are constantly arranging themselves just for my benefit?” No, they are in constant motion and you are arranging your filters to see what you expect to see.  The components are constantly rearranging themselves for everyone. When you create something together, two people look at the objects and filter out the same things so they witness the same event. Now you have validated each other energetically. Once that validation takes place, it all comes into what you call reality; an event witnessed by one person is only half as real as one witnessed by two. At the moment you can touch, feel or taste something, it enters your world. That is how you have been silently creating your world through these physical bodies. Wherever you look, whatever you gaze upon, these are incredible creation machines, dear ones. Be careful where you point those eyes of yours, for what you are expecting to see will show up. Your eyes will filter and send out an energy that lets things know they are being watched. Then all of a sudden those items will take the form that you are expecting to see. So, that places you in a rather precarious position, does it not? For you are coming face-to-face with your own abilities of creation. Where does that place you? As a walking god, someone who can change the world at a moment’s notice by walking down the street? Yes, that is exactly where it places you. You are awakening from the dream. You are starting to realize that even though you have perceived something as having a perfect order throughout, that really could not be further from reality. It is only your reality in that moment, for you have called it into being. If it is a shared reality for many of you, then it gains strength in that form and holds that form for a time. This is how you have created your world.

Now that you have unlocked some of the visions inside of the atom, this has started to bring your sciences on board. Although many scientists have approached it from different angles, you will find that your spirituality and your sciences are now reaching the same truths. Now that we have you all on the same page, it is happening in a new way. You will find that your heart knows the way. Think about it for a moment…. Even the word “heart” triggers your thoughts. Your thoughts have worked throughout planet Earth, and you need your thoughts in order to survive and to recreate with other beings. Most of the time your thoughts are focused on creating your heart’s desire and it is the strangest thing to watch from here. We watch humans as they grow up, as they begin to become aware and start to improve themselves. All of your self-improvement when you go to school has to do with the head. Most of you do not even open the heart until your 30s or 40s, and by then very little structure is in place to train you how to use it. So, it is the balance of your heart and head that you are now starting to deal with on a daily basis. How do I focus the energy of my heart? How can I create exactly where I intend to go, instead of where I was thinking of going? Do I have to stop and think it through and plan it all out? Yes, you can do that for you are creators. You can create in many different ways. Is it necessary? No, it is not. The clarity of your emotions creates everything for you, for that is truly your heart.

The 14%

Most of you grow up and you discover something that you love to do. It is one of the things you cannot wait to do, no matter what it is…painting, playing music, writing or whatever it is. You focus on your passion and you play on that. You go to school and you learn how to read, write, add, subtract, and all the rest. It works for most of you; about 86% of humans on Earth can actually learn from the schools. The others simply learn in a different ways and adapt. You are starting to understand spatial learners, who in many ways you think of as the new breed of people. But they are actually old, not new at all.

I have all the jokes about time, for I am the Keeper of Time. I am the one who does that and I will joke about time all you like, but believe me when I say I have heard them all. So, what is it about time? What happens as a human is that you get focused and then become serious about life. You go to school and gain your knowledge, your degrees and diplomas or whatever it is you are after, and you build your confidence. Then you step out into the world and start to create your life with the goal of finding happiness. As part of the normal process, you also find dis-happiness, confusion, and all the rest of it. All the while you are forgetting what your original focus was as a child, and it is also the reason the child needs to return. In the beginning of your being a human it was the child who held the focus of where you were going, before you started taking all these side doors which you have so magically created for yourself. Well done, dear ones, very well done.

The BIG Question

So, where are you now? Well, most of you are 12 buildings down. You have worked your way through your successes very well, but are you happy? That is the big question, is it not? If you are not happy, why is that? For that is the bigger question. All of your journeys were intended to bring you happiness of the heart. We tell you that in the lower vibration of planet Earth, it has been quite common for you to become sidetracked. That is no problem, for even a small sampling of your passion could last you a very, very long time. You were able to do it quite well, pretending to be humans. Good job. Now everything has changed, for you have already stepped up and you are waiting for this wave of energy that is coming in on the 12-12-12. You are in the midst of it right now; it is coming in at an incredible rate, you are already feeling the change. You have landed in the new Earth. It is time to start building your creations, your heart’s desire, your blueprints of where you truly want to be, as a conscious creator blending the head and the heart. That is the difficult part.

Two Important Concepts for the New World:
Circular Time and the Time Imprint

Now since I am the Keeper of Time, I wish to speak with you for a moment about your illusions of time: what they are and how you can work with them in a slightly different way. First of all, humans simply need to know that time is circular in nature. Now what does that mean exactly, how does time go in a circle? Well, you can simply stretch it out to view it from a larger perspective. Perhaps you have something that has happened to you and you have hidden it from yourself – we will simply call it scar tissue. It could be an emotional experience, or something else, but in effect you have this scar tissue which you are not dealing with and hiding from yourself. You say, “It will go away and stop bothering me in no time at all. It is not really a problem, so I will just pretend it is not there and go on with my life.” This happens to most humans, and what takes place is that you build spaces between you and your heart to fit more comfortably into society. So, I will give you an idea, a very simple connection. It is something we are working on in the class that the Keeper calls the LightMaster course. I will break his rules and share this with you here. It is very simple: the time that you are working within, what you call your future, can be completely controlled by dealing with your past. When I say controlled it does not mean predetermined.  It means that you create a clear road ahead for your choices. It is a circle, so unless you clear up and reconcile the things that have happened in your past, they simply come back around to become the fabric of your future. Creating the same mistakes over and over – have you ever caught yourself doing that? It is actually human nature to create the same mistakes over and over, because you are treading on the same foundation that you did not clear up when you had an issue. So, that is called circular time. It is a very easy imprint to re-member; to re-member we can all look at our past and know in a moment what is clear and what is not. Only you can do that for yourself, no one else can do that for you.

Look at those areas right now. Does that mean that you have to go back and completely reconcile with each person involved? No, it just means that you must reconcile it with yourself for that path must be clear. If there is pain in your heart over an event in your past then you are destined to repeat it. That is your future, it is what is in front of you at this moment so clear it up. Time imprint is one of the areas of study that I am starting to lead people through. I will simply say that the time imprint is the now. If you would consider yourself a ball – let us just call you a crystal ball – and you are here to have an exciting journey for a time while you pretend to be finite. You will pretend to be human in a physical bubble of biology. You come here and make an imprint with your essence in the fabric of what is called time. That imprint can be nurtured and perfected, then that will give you the new energy habits to reconcile all events in the moment they happen. Imagine yourself out in the snow. The snow is very deep, you are wearing boots and have walked across a long pathway. Now you  turn around and look back, and you can see that some of the footprints from your boots are perfect. While you see others show you started to lose your balance so there is a little bit of imperfection around some of your footprints in the snow. That is very similar to a time imprint, except that the time imprint is only in the now. Humans have broken time into three parts that do not exist: the past, present, and future. Only one of them is real, the present. The future is just a potential and the past is only a memory. You only have what right now and that is a time imprint.

How’s Your Time Imprint Today?

There will come a time when you are reaching one another, shaking each other’s hands. “How are you doing?” And you say, “I am fine.” And there will come a time when you will come up to one another, “How is your time imprint today? Can I help you with that in some way?” You will find ways of working with your imprint of time. Why is that so important? Because it is all that you have. It is what you own right now, it is your legacy right in this moment. So, you often do things to prolong the moment…you drink, smoke, and do all sorts of things to expand your consciousness. That only tends to put you more in the now, does it not? Would you like us to tell you one of the greatest things that all humans do that puts them in the now and tends to last for a while? It is called an orgasm and most of you have had them. We hope all of you have had them several times and if not, go play with them. They are fun. But the whole idea is within that moment you are not thinking about the future, are you? You are not thinking about the past, you are not worried about anything. You are in the now and your time imprint is perfect. That is what we ask you to do, start becoming aware of your new energies. Instead of worrying about how you look every day, or if you are perfect for the world, ask how is your time imprint? How are you enjoying life? What can you do to make the perfect footprint in the snow? That is the idea.


We tell you, dear ones, you are more loved than you could ever know. You are some of the greatest angels that have ever lived anywhere. You have been called throughout the entire universe, and you have journeyed far. This call went out almost 800 years ago for you had to be in place now. You had to have your lifetimes,  your experiences on Earth, and you your failures as you call them. But you are here, now, and there is a new time imprint that is happening. This is not just on the responsibility of each individual, for you also comprise the collective time imprints as you are right now. We tell you that every heart in this room is beating in harmony right now. Carry that feeling with you and wear it on your face in the form of a smile for the rest of the day, for you know who you are. You have been re-minded where you come from and we hope we have re-minded you of your own heart as a child. Play well, dear ones, and above all, enjoy the journey. It is beyond your understanding, but we are incredibly grateful that you are in place to make this transition.

It is with the greatest of honor to remind you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.

I am. . .  the Keeper of Time.



A note from Steve: Almost 800 years ago there was a special group of spirits who worked hard to change consciousness on Earth.  They were finally responsible for the first Human Rights declaration in the United Kingdom, on June 15, 1215, known as the Magna Carta.  These special beings, reading this message, are now back on Earth to move human consciousness into the New World.  We made it!

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  1. Starting to see a recurrence of this 12-12-12 date as when the “energy blast” hits the planet and all of us. Just think only weeks away. Will this website, Internet, lifestyle, and life go away too or change depending on our level of awareness and using it to “surf” the energy wave to transform and become something new. Not sure what that will look like- physical, non physical, no apparent change?
    Can feel the love and encouragement coming from this “time keeper.” His lesson in quantum physics and how it applies to our lives and perceived reality is excellent.
    Who were these spirits from 800 years ago? Are they identified “by their fruits” as in the Bible or in a more visual way? So little time is left yet yet I think the time keeper would say just focus and materialize the now.

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